Monday! Jan 7th! Portland’s RACHEL ROSENBERG spotlights! Plus! IRON POET INTERIM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Apologies for the late post. Lack of house internet and flu like symptoms have left this blogger lurching for over-the-counter medicine and bed rest and terrible day time TV. It’s a new year, there’s day-quil, let’s go!!!!

rachelrosenbergPOETRY SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: RACHEL ROSENBERG is a Boston-born poet who’s been writing poetry going on 16 years now but didn’t start slamming until she moved to Portland, OR for law school. She writes about love and life with literary and sometimes scientific flare. She’s been published in several journals and anthologies and has an (as yet untitled) forthcoming book of poems about Greek mythology. She paid a brief visit about a year ago and is super excited to be visiting again!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET INTERIM CHAMPIONSHIPS! “KEELY vs. yunusQUDDUS” – It’s been way too long! Second half feature tonight is being hi-jacked by what we’re hoping will be the Iron Poet Match for the ages. Current interim champion YUNUS QUDDUS is a recently married, multi talented, poetic juggernaut from Providence Rhode Island. CYNDI KEELEY is an off again on again Worcester Resident looking to stake her claim in local poetic lore! You know the drill. 3 rounds, 3 original poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 criteria! One deliciously demented secret ingredient provided by heralded bar man and chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Battle ????

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who came and rocked out with us last week on New Year’s Eve! Upstairs felt like home and the DIRTY GERUND is super excited to announce that we’ll be returning upstairs for a monthly “1st Friday” residency starting March 1st! It’s gonna smash! DUCT TAPE BAND ACTIVATE!

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