Monday, Dec 24th! Extended Holiday Open Mic! Alex’ Birthday Bash! Santa Watch! & the first annual “St. Nick’s Naughty or Nice” Challenge!

Well the weather outside is not that frightful, the sizzle of burgers is mad delightful, and since some of us have no place to go, let’s do a show, do a show, do a show!!!!!

ralphsdinerThat’s right! Our beloved venue, RALPH’s ROCK DINER, in it’s infinite wisdom and indefatigable commitment to serving the Worcester Public, is opening it’s doors on Christmas Eve! The least we can do is do our damned thing! Spreading sudsy holiday cheer for all the good girls and boys who are in possession of proper identification! Through sheer luck, determination and well, let’s call it what it is, moxy! we have never taken a Monday off since we took over in 2009, so you know some reindeer droppings dropping from the sky is not going to keep us from bringing you an art party to get excited about this Monday! We will have an extended round robin open mic! Bring us what you got, be it song, comedy, poem, hula hoop routine! Depending on how many folks we have, we may ask you to sign up twice, and we’re checking that list, best believe. ALEX’s ONE DAY BELATED alexDGthreeBIRTHDAY BASH! Co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES is writing about himself in the third person again (early sign of senility) All he really wants for his birthday is for a few rad comrades to come down and share the holiday cheer, open mic & applause style. He’ll be holding down the show with witty banter and over emphatic bucket pass pleas until….

naughtyniceBONUS RUCKUS! “SAINT NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’  NAUGHTY OR NICE CHALLENGE! That’s right, your benevolent curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has got some rounds to make before he can bring his bag of goodies to Ralph’s. We will be on vigilant Santa Watch until he joins the ruckusy fray! Here’s the game that he’ll bring with him. Nick will read a verse. Your job is to guess whether that’s coming from a naughty poem, or a nice poem. Guess right, then it’s your turn to either get nice (with a little prize) or get naughty, force Santa to drop an article of clothing. We’re gonna play this until the prizes are gone, or Santa’s leftdrunk-santa-2-copy wearing a lonely stocking! I know. Yikes! This is the Dirty Gerund, not the soft cuddly kitty kat gerund!

We’ll see how many stalwart musicians we can duct tape together to bring the holiday jams! Visual Arts? Snacks? Hit us up to volunteer. YOSH & CHICKEN wouldn’t have visions of sugar plum brandy stuck in their heads! Tips will help them go top shelf!

Everybody say HO-oh!

I said HO! HO!

Dirty Gerund says HO HO HO!

Ouch! I stubbed my mistletoe!



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