Monday! Dec 10th! MIGHTY MIKE McGEE returns!!! Musical Guest SAMUEL J. JACKSON! PLUS DG Scavenger Hunt!

So psyched to welcome back former Worcester Resident and one of the most beloved names in performance poetry!

mmmFEATURE: MIGHTY MIKE McGEE –  is an international spoken word artist, writer, performer, speaker, slam poet and comic. He has performed in thousands of venues all over North America, and was one of the first Americans ever to perform poetry at the University la Sorbonne in Paris, France. McGee began performing comedy and poetry to audiences at home in San Jose, California in 1998. As a Poetry Slam competitor in the U.S., Mike has competed at the National Poetry Slam on team San José several times. In 2003, McGee won the coveted National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship, besting over 300 nationally ranked poetry slammers. He has since toured over 300,000 miles throughout the United mike-nick-alex-DGStates and Canada where fellow National Poetry Slam Indy Champ, Shane Koyczan and beat-boxer poet extraordinaire C.R. Avery (of Vancouver, B.C.) joined him to form the group Tons of Fun University in 2004. They have since headlined music festivals across Canada, bringing their unique blend of poetry-laden “talk rock” to massive audiences all over the great north.In 2006, McGee became the first person to win two separate individual titles by being crowned the 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, besting over 70 of the world’s best ranked slam poets. His “stand-up poetry” has been written about in Writer’s Digest magazine, and been featured on NPR, HBO and CBC. Mike McGee books internationally and is on tour damn-near 300 days a year.

garrettjacksonMUSICAL GUEST – On a strong recommendation from last week’s feature SAM TEITEL, From Northampton, Mass, SAMUEL J. JACKSON featuring the musical stylings of GARRET JACKSON who describes himself thusly… Born in Pasadena CAL 04/17/85
Been giging for about 5 years “My stuff is a cross between satire and freak folk, people often laugh.. then say o shit…. The two musicians I’d be bringing to Worcester are skilled in improv (fiddle, banjo) and my stuff suits such a school of thought although it is not stream of consciousness (but that is how the songs  are formed, so I don’t take to much offense when people label it as such, nonsensical is a word that bothers me, but what would we be with out haters?)!

BONUS RUCKUS – “Nick’s Scavenger Hunt” – Okay, we need a couple teams to do this! newyearsNICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will have poetic couplets or haiku’s which will contain your clues. Decipher his drift and produce the item he’s looking for and get it to the stage before your competitors. Top scavenger hunter/gatherer, will win yummy prizes! Get some! DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND’s BEEN KILLING IT! Musically that is! YOSH & CHICKEN want a deep fryer for the holidays! Help them by tipping them well! Snacks will have holiday flare! Visual Arts too! Looking forward to our New Year’s Eve Party with Dump ‘Em Out Productions! Get primed, get ready! The Dirty Gerund is coming to you ALIVE in 5, 4, 3, 2…….



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