Monday Nov 19th! Give thanks! Make-Up Feature Date w/ PORSHA O from Boston! Plus! The Live-Jive Turkey Thanks Haiku Challenge!

FEATURED POET: PORSHA OLAYIWOLA, describes herself as Black, dyke, poet, lover hip-hop feminist, womanist friend, Porsha Olayiwola is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances. A resident of Boston, by way of Chicago, Porsha O is runner-up of 2012 Women of the World Poetry Slam and a member of the current Lizard Lounge National Poetry Slam Team. Her intention is to speak, love, and maintain a cypher that is undocumented, uncontrollable and just plain ole dope. She blasted onto the Cambridge Lizard Lounge Scene, gaining Championship and Slam Team Honors! A coach for the semi-finalist Codman Academy in Dorchester’s first ever Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts Youth Poetry Slam Team, she’s recently linked up with Mass LEAP to serve as a teaching artist, organizer and all around comrade to the cause! First time featuring in Worcester, so let’s get down to the funky funky sounds! King Kong ain’t got sh#t on her!

BONUS RUCKUS – (Jive) Turkey Give Thanks Haiku Challenge! What better way to save room for stuffing yourself, than by economizing your thanks in Haiku Form! Give us your best 17 Syllables on whatever it is you’re thankful for and win frothy prize on us!!!! I’m thankful that we don’t hang donuts off of string and ask people to eat them as part of a game show! That ish was dangerous!

Open Mic needs more Open Mic-ers! Visual Arts and Snack Time to help get us through the cold winter! Duct Tape Band has been cooking wonderful holiday jams! Join us on the march to New Years with what’s sure to be another electrifying presentation!

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