Monday Nov 12th! All Hail 2011 Individual Poetry Slam Champ CHRIS AUGUST from Baltimore! Musical Guest TORI PARMZ! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP????

POETRY FEATURE: In 2011, Chris August was named the number one ranked performance poet in the United States at the Individual World Poetry Slam held n Cleveland, Ohio. This was the culmination of ten years of involvement in national slam scene, representing Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC at the National Poetry Slam and the Individual World Poetry Slam. In 2012, he left his job as a special educator to pursue poetry full time. Later that year, he represented the United States at the Poetry World Cup in Paris, France where he was ranked second in the world. His latest book, A Life Called Special, is a compilation of his poetry about special needs education.

MUSICAL GUEST: TORI PARMZ – Local Worcester based poet & songstress TORI PARHAM has just turned 21, so we thought we’d celebrate with some tasty acoustic, soulful, folk singing with someone we hope will be a Gerunder for years to come!  Help us welcome this talented youngster to our stage for the first time ever. If you can’t wait, check out a couple tunes at

Support our local artists!

BONUS RUCKUS: (not set in stone yet) – Hoping for an IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH-UP between current Intercontinental Champ YUNUS QUDDUS & Challenger CYNDI KEELY. Stay tuned until we get confirmation. (travel arrangements and such). IRON POET Match-ups involve two poets, 3 rounds, 3 poetic dishes (original haiku, original short poem, and incorporation). One secret ingredient will be announced at beginning of the show. Our poets will have the rest of the show to prepare 3 courses for 3 judges who will score based on 3 criteria, taste, presentation and use of the original ingredient!

DUCT TAPE BAND continues to impress and rock out behind poets like it’s their job! Wait! It is their job and they succeed! Constantly! Snack Time & Visual Arts to continue! NOTE: Visual Arts will now be auctioned off the week after the art is created to give the artist a better opportunity to sell their work to more audience members! Winter is coming through with a taste. Come to the Gerund and stay a step ahead of the winter blah’s!

We’ll leave you with some straight truth from our amazing feature!

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