Monday Nov 5th! DG nominates GEORGE “G” YAMAZAWA from Durham, North Carolina for President! Musical Guests: THE DOTTED EYES! Plus! “Persona Poem” Challenge Do-Over!

Thanks to the handful of stalwarts who came out for last week’s open mic. Some guests are coming back this week. Some we’ll re-book real soon. We were sad not to have all our featured acts in the house due to the storm, but we also acknowledge that we were (and are) supremely fortunate to have electricity, food, adequate shelter and each other. Best wishes go out to everyone in the effected areas still struggling to secure their footing and all the things that we often take for granted. We will do an extra bucket pass this Monday to try to raise some funds for the American Red Cross. November is upon us! Let’s open up a can of “oh man! this is some great poetry show!” Let’s elect us to lead this charge!

FEATURED POET: GEORGE YAMAZAWA JR. is a second generation Japanese-American poet/emcee from Durham, NC. Raised in a Buddhist household while learning the nature of the Bible Belt, “G” quickly understood how to embrace his differences and take pride in his culture. Heavily influenced by hip hop, G first began writing rhymes at 12 years old but never considered himself a writer until he found poetry. But in 2007, G was expelled from his high school and sent to an alternative school. During that time of uncertainty and depression, he discovered the power of spoken word and used it as a positive outlet for his creativity. Since then, he has become one of the founding members of the Sacrificial Poets, the premier youth poetry organization in NC, and dedicates his time cultivating the young voices in his community. In 2010, G performed at the Sundance Film Festival, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and Nuyorican Poets Café. At only 21 years old, he is an Individual World Poetry Slam finalist, a National Poetry Slam finalist, and a two-time Southern Fried Champion. This is his first visit to Worcester! I’m super excited to host this young firebrand on his first tour of New England!

MUSICAL GUEST: THE DOTTED EYES, based out of Boston, MA, formed in 2010 from the ashes of bands ranging from dance pop to metalcore. What emerged was an acoustic based rock band with a focus on catchy harmony and dynamic cadence. That energy was sewn together in their first self recorded and produced EP “Threads.” “Threads” has appeared on Pandora and with 3 songs receiving Top 40 placement in Indie Rock, Folk, and Indie Pop. In their first year, The Dotted Eyes impressed local media, winning New England Band of The Month from the Deli Magazine as well as being featured on NECN’s Morning Show. Their new LP “Wondering & Worrying” picks up where the EP left off with 10 unique, fun, and catchy songs. Check out their super duper website: then take a break from dancing in front of your mirror, to come down and dance right in front of them!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Tricks or Treat(ment) Costumes Persona” Writing Challenge! Planning on dressing up Monday? Good! We support that! Depending on your costume and writing chops, you may very well win. All you have to do is come at our mic, in costume, with a poem, inspired by, or coming from the perspective of whatever it is you freaks decided to dress up as. We’ll have a secret judge or two, maybe the entire crowd decide who best matches their outfit! Winner gets (what could very well be) an amazing prize donated by our resident October Enthusiast / Visual Director AARON WHITE!!!

Pre Election Fun! Duct Tape Band! Yosh & Chicken are voting for us! Snacks and Visual Arts! Nicholas Earl Davis is not sure what town he’s registered in! Voting is sexy! Come on down and support all the ARTS! All of em! We’ll leave you with some poetry from our feature! Boom!

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