Monday Oct 29th! Trix or Treat(ment) at the DG w/ PORSHA OLAYIWOLA! Musical Guests THE DOTTED EYES from Boston! Plus! The “Costumed Persona Poem” Challenge!

Rocktober is almost at it’s end. Don’t let Hurricane Sandy dismiss your pre holiday revelry! Get on down to your local multi-arts extravaganza and get soaked in double barrel Boston Action once again!!! Two weeks in a row, we call on our friends from the east to help juggernaut this mania!

FEATURED POET: PORSHA OLAYIWOLA, describes herself as Black, dyke, poet, lover hip-hop feminist, womanist friend, Porsha Olayiwola is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances. A resident of Boston, by way of Chicago, Porsha O is runner-up of 2012 Women of the World Poetry Slam and a member of the current Lizard Lounge National Poetry Slam Team. Her intention is to speak, love, and maintain a cypher that is undocumented, uncontrollable and just plain ole dope. She blasted onto the Cambridge Lizard Lounge Scene, gaining Championship and Slam Team Honors! A coach for the semi-finalist Codman Academy in Dorchester’s first ever Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts Youth Poetry Slam Team, she’s recently linked up with Mass LEAP to serve as a teaching artist, organizer and all around comrade to the cause! First time featuring in Worcester, so let’s get down to the funky funky sounds! King Kong ain’t got sh#t on her!

MUSICAL GUEST: THE DOTTED EYES, based out of Boston, MA, formed in 2010 from the ashes of bands ranging from dance pop to metalcore. What emerged was an acoustic based rock band with a focus on catchy harmony and dynamic cadence. That energy was sewn together in their first self recorded and produced EP “Threads.” “Threads” has appeared on Pandora and with 3 songs receiving Top 40 placement in Indie Rock, Folk, and Indie Pop. In their first year, The Dotted Eyes impressed local media, winning New England Band of The Month from the Deli Magazine as well as being featured on NECN’s Morning Show. Their new LP “Wondering & Worrying” picks up where the EP left off with 10 unique, fun, and catchy songs. Check out their super duper website: then take a break from dancing in front of your mirror, to come down and dance right in front of them!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Tricks or Treat(ment) Costumes Persona” Writing Challenge! Planning on dressing up Monday? Good! We support that! Depending on your costume and writing chops, you may very well win. All you have to do is come at our mic, in costume, with a poem, inspired by, or coming from the perspective of whatever it is you freaks decided to dress up as. We’ll have a secret judge or two, maybe the entire crowd decide who best matches their outfit! Winner gets (what could very well be) an amazing prize donated by our resident October Enthusiast / Visual Director AARON WHITE!!!

Not nearly enough bids at the end of last week’s arts auction. BRADLEY MOMBERGER did a fine job and will be back to sell his original piece early on in the show! DUCT TAPE BAND would have bid, but they were too busy rocking the fux out! Delay Pedals and new one of a kind cymbals, all led to an intoxicating sound-scape for our poets to paint on! YOSH & CHICKEN are swapping fried turkey best practices and not focused on the holiday at hand! We expect to be at full staff capacity this week. It’s been almost a month since all of us have been together! Mix in some spooky holiday magic, special special guests and that all blends into one hell of a time! Don’t miss it! Like, don’t make us beg! Okay, maybe we’ll beg! Nick misses you or something! I could go either way, n’a mean?

Check out some video from our feature! Boom!

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