Monday Rocktober 22nd! Book Release Party for Boston’s NICOLE TEREZ DUTTON! Musical Guest SOSOL! Plus! The “Blood Sugar Bath!” Reading Challenge!

Hey Gerunders! I plan to be back in the house, ready to celebrate the word with you all again this Monday. I may have a fun road story or two in my pocket, so come on down this and re-connect. Miss ya’ll so much! And oh, am I glad I’m back in time to catch….

POETRY FEATURE: NICOLE TEREZ DUTTON‘s work has appeared in Callaloo, Ploughshares, 32 Poems, Indiana Review, and Salt Hill Journal. Nicole earned an MFA from Brown University and has received the fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center, Bread Load Writers’ Conference and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She is the winner of the 2011 Cave Canem Poetry Prize for her collection If One Of Us Should Fall. Nicole currently lives in Boston and is a lecturer at Boston University. Check out this glowing review from none other than 4 time National Poetry Slam Champ & award winning author Patricia Smith! “Nicole Terez Dutton’s fierce and formidable debut throbs with restless beauty and a lyrical undercurrent that is both empowered and unpredictable. Every poem is unsettling in that delicious way that changes and challenges the reader. There is nothing here that does not hurtle forward.” Check out more about this amazing voice at

MUSICAL GUEST: SO SOL – Só Sol is a new 5-piece trail blazin’ band out of Boston, MA. Sò Sol, which translate to ‘Only Sun’, is based around the songwriting of husband and wife duo John Garrett and Jessica DaSilva with the saturated sound of a backing band. They are heavily influenced by international tastes that blend the sounds of folk, americana, rock, blues, soul and tropicaliá, sung with a bad-ass Judy Garland voice written in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Jessica Dasilva the lead vocalist, plays the ukelele. Jess is accompanied by her guitarist husband John, who lends his voice with contagious harmonies. John also played in the Vermont-based band, Pariah Beat. Check them out at

BONUS RUCKUS: The BLOOD “SUGAR” BATH Poem Read Challenge! Like sweet things? Good! Like creepy things? Great! Nick wants you to raise the blood sugar intensity with a new challenge, that, ahem… involves putting food in your mouth while reading poems. We’ll bring some creepy classics down. We’ll bring some sugary treats. Whoever gives the best reading while muffled and sugar blasted, gets a prize! Let that sugar hit the old bloodstream and watch them words fly!!!!

YOSH & CHICKEN are NOT wearing matching costumes! So don’t ask! Duct Tape Band is going to dress like a crew of kick-ass musicians, but that’s not a costume, that’s just what they are every week! Visual Arts! Snack Time! I’ve been hearing great reports on open mics and lately, so I’m hoping to return to a rollicking great time! We miss you so much already!

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