Monday! Rocktober 15th! Double Show of Amazing from Portland Oregon, MEG WALDRON & ROBYN BATEMAN!!! Musical Guest FOLK YA’LL from Connecticut! Plus the “Rip Alex for Being Outta Town” Challenge!

Rocktober continues. I am still on the road stealing rock star moments from the cosmos and eating high quality breakfast foods amongst Pacific Northwest Compatriots! I am super sad to be missing another Gerund, but I hear things rocked last week, so let’s keep this ROCKTOBER Rocking! with……

POETRY FEATURE(S): Why stop at one? Two of Portland Oregon’s fiercest female performers are troubedoring their way through the Northeast! MEG WALDRON & ROBYN BATEMAN are coming to town and ready to fill your ears with envelope shoving awesomeness! MEG WALDRON is a writer, traveler, and youtube enthusiast. She was a member of the 2011 Portland Poetry Slam team and competitor at the National Poetry Slam in Boston, Massachusetts. Meg’s poetry is sharp and honest, making crowds keel in laughter at how ridiculous our very serious lives can be. She is the author of a chapbook, Sex, Drugs, Tuck n’ Roll (2011), and has had her writing featured in many poetry collections
across the country. Meg’s spirit animal is a baby deer with wings. ROBYN BATEMAN Robyn Bateman is a performance poet based out of Portland, Oregon. She is best described as a perverted, crass old man disguised in the body of a charming, young woman. Robyn is the reigning City Champion of Portland, and was a finalist at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam and a 2012 competitor at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Robyn rallies
audiences with her high energy, quirk-with-bravado performance style and her imaginative narratives on the simple beauty of what it is to be human. Robyn has two chapbooks and has been published in a number of poetry and fiction journals. Check out for more info!

MUSICAL GUEST: FOLK YA’LL – Oldtimey folk-punk from New London, CT. They play house shows, BBQ’s, campfires, birthday parties, and the occasional D&D game! Band members MIKE ARSENAULT, DONALD PALARDY III and JACOB WYSOSKI list Doc Watson, Tommy Jarrell, Johnny Cash, John Hurt, The Skillet Lickers as influences and they want you all to sing along! We expect a rousing dance party to ensue at half time! Don’t miss it!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Alex is outta town again, let’s clown his absent ass!” Challenge DG co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES thinks himself a proud poetry papa, but in all actuality, he is one deadbeat dad! He should wear a mask! Missing two shows in a row, in order to spew his words and failed rockstar guitar hero poses throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alex thinks he can get away with leaving it all to NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! Let’s clown his ass! Bring your best haiku or short poem, clowning Alex for being selfish and leaving you all. Heck, maybe it’s a celebratory haiku, thanking everyone’s lucky stars that he’s gone. Maybe it’s a well crafted entreaty for him to stay where ever it is, he is! Be original. Spit that hot fire at the DG crowd and win a drink on us!

Thanks to all who came out and shined last week! Special thanks to LAURA DAVIS for jumping in to co-host! Expect more of the same and excellent music from the DUCT TAPE BAND! Visual Arts and Snack Time! YOSH & CHICKEN are discussing how Halloween Costume Season cannot come soon enough! We hate to leave you, unless we’re leaving you with some amazing words from one of our special guests! Let’s go!!!!


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