Monday, Rocktober 8th! JOHN SURVIVOR BLAKE from VA returns! Musical Guest: SHANE PALKO from PA! PLUS! “The Have Your Pie & Eat Poetry Too!” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JOHN “SURVIVOR BLAKE” has come a long way. From humble beginnings in the Baruch (Project) Houses on the lower-east side of Manhattan, NYC, John is now published in magazines (InTheFray, BeyondRace, Urban Weekly), Literary Journals (Naugatuck River Review, Two Bridges Review, Red Fez, Adobe Walls, Love And Car Crashes), and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He’s performed nation wide: universities, high schools, jails, juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers, and poetry festivals and venues everywhere. His seven chapbooks are always on hand so do inquire! John’s first full collection of poems has been set to print for early 2012 by Urban Publishing (NYC). His book of memoirs “Wildflower – One Man Remembers a Remarkable Woman” and his traveling essays “Sharing Breaths With Gods” and first manuscript of collected poems “Beautifully Flawed” will be published 2012. John is available for guest lecturing, writing/performance workshop facilitation, and teaching artist/artist-in-residence positions. Check out more about his story and work at

MUSICAL GUEST: Indie Folk Rocker SHANE PALKO hails from Kemlesville, Pennsylvania. He’s released three official albums, two of which are available on iTunes: “Going Places” (2010), “Songs From Pretoria” (2011). You may hear the title, “Going Places,” and think it to be some silly proclamation of big dreams. Nope. It is more of an observation; i like to go places. i like to be places. It is not named for some deep-seated desire for a successful musical career. i already have that. You know how i know my music is successful? My grandad recently told me that he uses my first album, “Pretty Good Songs: Volume VII” as his alarm clock every morning! He’s in town and favored us with a couple songs last week. We’re looking forward to catching a full set. Check out some music RIGHT HERE


BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Have Your Pie & Eat Poetry Too!” Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS want your to open wide and speed eat your way to glory. There will be 4 pies for 4 competitors, the one who eats their pie and reads the poem baked to the bottom with the fastest time, wins a special prize and maybe something to wash that pie down with, and a paper towel to wipe your mouth with. Bring your won bibs! Boom!

I’ll be outta town for the next couple weeks! Please come down and make Nick’s life easier!!! Duct Tape Band Rocks! Yosh and Chicken do too! Visual Artist and Snack TBA! Got not more to type! Hitting the road and I’ll miss you all! Keep rocking rocktober for me!!!!

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