Monday Rocktober 1st! HEIDI THERRIEN visits from Portland, ME! Musical Guests EAST COAST RUNAWAYS! Bonus: Nick’s “Wrestler Quote or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

The Dirty Gerund is blasting into its fourth year of blending all the arts together and seeing what we get. It’s mostly a lot of fun and warm and comfirting and exciting. This week: FEATURED POET: HEIDI THERRIEN is the 2012 New Hampshire Grand Slam Poetry Champion. She has featured at many venues along the East Coast, has opened for mind blowing poets like, Jeanann Verlee and Billy Tuggle and is laying out a double tour: One with Michelle Nimmo, the other with Ryan McLellan, Wil Gibson and Beau Williams (guys like you tour). She was on the 2012 Manchester “Slam Free or Die” Nationals Team this year and performed in Charlotte, NC. She also has a chapbook through Sargent Press, will have another soon and like likes you a lot lot. First time featuring in Worcester, so you know we’re in for a treat!

MUSICAL GUEST: EAST COAST RUNAWAYS are a Modern rock group with a wide range of influences spanning all music old (Pink Floyd), new (Breaking Benjamins), legendary(Nirvana) and local(the Wanda’s). Based out of Worcester, MA the band has recently undergone a line-up change can now be found once again playing the local MA and RI scenes. The songs are described as “dark, driving energy… by guitarist Jeremy Carnrike.” (Janet Schwartz, Worcester Mag. Mar 23, 2011) They have finished the pre studio phase of recording their upcoming release, “Nosebleeds and Maybelline” and are now moving on to the recording sessions! check out some tunes at!

BONUS RUCKUS: Time once again for “NICK’s WRASTLIN PROMO or POEM?” Quiz Show Guess Challenge! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS finds poetry everywhere, even in (and over the ropes) of the squared circle! Oooooooo! YEAH!!!!! Nick’s preparing quotes, from famous poets and famous wrestlers. Your job? Buzz in and guess if these pretty words are raging from the pen of a master, or blasting at your ear holes from a juiced up, potato sack grappler! First to three gets a frothy prize on us! Snap into it!

Thanks to those who threw down with us on our third year anniversary! Super appreciative to have been rocking with ya’ll for so long! CONGRATS to current MISS DIRTY GERUND, EMILEE MORREALE! Well deserved! Duct Tape Band Serenades! Visual Arts to be determined! YOSH & CHICKEN think the baseball season should be over already! Get ready to rocktober with us all month! ROCK!

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