Monday! Sept 24th! Come Celebrate THREE YEARS in the FAKING! Dirty Gerund Anniversary Party! MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT! Musical Guest VIADA!

We’re celebrating three years of ruckus stomping, banana peel slipping, grimace defying, cheek pinching, rhubarb pie tossing, paint slinging, gutteral yawping, gluten avoiding, bacon sizzling, tax evading, bon-a-fide, culture re-mapping! We hope you will all join us as we reflect on three years, 156 plus shows, lots of amazing moments and a a whole bunch of chuckling along the way.  We’re gonna offer a bit more of an extended open mic, have some cake and get pumped for another year full of poetic fun!

MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT – First there was JACKIE MORRIL, then HALLIDAY NELSON, then MEGAN THOMA (pictured, look how happy, look!)! Just who will wear the crown for the upcoming 2012/2013 year! We support smart, fierce, talented ladies at the Dirty Gerund! And we’re willing to crown a very special lady this monday night! We’ll take up to 4 contestants! The rules: FIRST – THE REVERSE PANDERING HAIKU CHALLENGE – we feel inadequate sometimes, our fragile male ego’s need a little boost now and then, bring us 17 syllables that tell us we’re okay as a poetry show! SECOND – THE TALENT COMPETITION – you got 5 minutes to do your thing, speak a poem, sing a song, spin plates, dramatic monologue, caricature, etc. Whatever you do well, do it on our stage! THIRD – THE INTERVIEW – Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS don’t play. He’s got an inquisitive mind, and some index cards to write questions on! He gets a bit outlandish, your quick wit will serve you super well as Nick tries to spin you with his uhm… questions. We’ll have a few secret judges in the house. The winner will wear the crown and get a bunch of awesome prizes to go along with all that prestige! NOTE: Please get in touch and confirm your wish to participate!

MUSICAL GUEST – VIADA – These hard rocking, hard working rockers from Westboro are just what we need to turn the dial up this Monday! Vocalist & Synthesizer Man IAN HAYES, Guitarist DAN BARRENECHEA, Drummer MARIO BARRENECHEA and Bassist JUSTIN DeMICHELE are chompin at the bit to rock your socks (and other accoutrements) off this Monday Night! Check out some tunes right here!

BONUS BONUS RUCKUS! We’re either throwing down on some IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP or concocting something crazy to replace it! Stay Tuned! Stay Calm and for the love of snacks, stay open minded! We free form like jazzercise! DUCT TAPE BAND will rock your open mic words! EMILEE MORREALE promises cake! VISUAL ARTS WILL BE HAD! YOSH AND CHICKEN are wondering just where all that time went and just how much longer we’ll insist on interrupting Monday Night Football! We just don’t know. We kind of care! Come on down this Monday and see what all our fuss is about!

We’ll leave you with footage from our first anniversary!

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