Monday Sept 10th – ELLIE WHITE from Columbus Ohio! Musical Guest Japanese Punk Rockers THE WEMMER! Plus: Nick’s ‘Frankenpoem” Challenge!

THIS SHOW is going to be a bit crazeeeeeeeeEEeeeeeeeee! crazy good that is!

POETRY FEATURE: on a North East Tour from Columbus Ohio, ELLIE WHITE has been trying to teach people how to hallucinate since 1986. She recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in English, and is in the process of applying to MFA programs for 2013. Ellie has competed in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She self-published her first book of poems, Save Your Echoes in October 2011. She has been writing and living in Columbus, Ohio since 2010. Ellie shares her tiny apartment with a punk-ass costume-wearing cat and a lazy leopard gecko. First time performing in Worcester, so let’s welcome her!

MUSICAL GUEST: THE WEMMER – This self described “super stupid Shizuoka City Garage Punk” Trio is on tour from JAPAN!!!! Including band members, (again, self described) DRUM VOCAL DESTROY TOSHIYUKI he hobby masterbetion.
BASS VOCAL ROCKY THE JAPAN he hobby skateboard and GUITER MATSUMOTO he hobby break windpass gas, these balls of energy are roaring through town and might very well break our quiet little poetry show! This is going to be ill!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: NICK’s “FRANKENPOEM” CHALLENGE! Nick’s made up of a lot of parts! Some may come from the grave yard. I don’t know. Don’t pretend to understand the flashes of inspiration emanating from our devout curator, but Nick’s gonna clip pieces of poems and give them to contestants in mixed bags. Whoever can line up the lines the best and deliver them like a poet who actually has something to say, wins a tasty, frosty prize! DUCT TAPE BAND saw the Leighton Brothers join them for some guitar and upright bass goodness last week! Will there be more? Visual Arts and Culinary Brilliance to be determined! YOSH & CHICKEN will be slinging the best in burgers, so march on down and enjoy the September Heat this Monday Night! Sure to be an epic time had by most!


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