Monday, Sept 3rd! JON WOLF SCHOOLS YOU! Musical Guest: EVELYN SIKES! Plus! “Labor Days” Proletariet Challenge!

In true work-man-like fashion. This will be efficient… or lazy…. depending on who you ask!

LABOR DAZE!!!!! At the Gerund
POETRY FEATURE: JONATHAN WOLF is a hard working man! The computer whiz behind the hacker space at 97D Webster is an accomplished performance poet, even if he don’t act like it every monday night! Member/coach of a few Worcester Poetry Slam Teams, Jonathan spins words like birds around kites (see what I did?!) and is always down for a push beyond the envelope. Few cover other poets with as much intensity and excellent taste as Wolf! Few weave math and universe and physics and quazzars n shit into punch size morsels like Wolf! Jonathan doesn’t always read at the Gerund or in Worcester, or anywhere for that matter, but it’s because he doesn’t have to! His legend is chiseled in Worcester Spoken Word Folklore and it takes quite the ruckus to force him outta trolling the inter-webs and beyond. You, good gerunders, are welcome! As in, you’ll thank us. Ferreal!

MUSICAL GUEST: EVELYN SIKES – From the hard working streets of Pittsburgh PA, comes this traveller who plays outlaw country and outlaw folk songs in a punk way to cities in her beat up pickup truck! Woot! Check out the following lyrics from the project, The Committee for Getting Attention, sit down. i’m gonna say this once more. i’m gonna burn some bridges tonight. so which side of the river do ya wanna be on when i set fire to this whole estate? i’m so sick of whining all the time. i’m so sick of waltzing on a dime. i’m so sick of movin on this stationary bike. i dunno and i don’t care why we try. alright, you bring the kerosine. you know for sure i’ve got the light”

“I’m so sick of making lemonade outta lime!” – Damn!

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “LABOR DAZE” Haiku Guess Challenge – NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS tries hard at saying he’s gonna work hard. Here’s the challenge! He’s gonna write haiku’s about jobs. You buzz in and guess the job. Earn 3 correct answers and see the frothy prize you shall win! Same as last year, but Nick’s working in categories, “White Collar” – “Minimum Wage” and “Miscellaneous…” There categories may be weighted by difficulty. Or not. Don’t ask me, I just “work” here.

Duct Tape Band Works Hard at backing you up on that open mic! AARON WHITE & MATTY HUGHES are BOTH celebrating birthdays this week! Go VISUAL ARTS! AARON will be providing the paint this week, so bring money, cause you know it’s gonna rock! EMILEE MORREALE is scheming on topping her chocolate covered bacon last week. If anyone can do it…. YOSH & CHICKEN like jerky and plenty of it bro! QUITE BEING A JERKY AND COME DOWN TO ART AND P(ART)Y with us this Monday!

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