Monday! August 27th-DG Updated! SHANE HALL FEATURES! Musical Guest: DAVID REDBRANCH! Bonus Ruckus: Nick’s “Box of Doom” Reading Challenge!

(Editors Note: Featured Poet JILL BATTSON from Ontario was forced to postpone her tour. We will try to get her back in September! Meanwhile, we got you…”

POETRY FEATURE – Whatever this man does, it’s poetic, whether ripping tunes with Ticklebomb, waxing bananarachist cook books, , growing newsworthy beards or nerdcore epic rap battling, SHANE HALL is a local artistic force to be reckoned with and ya’ll are gonna have to reckon with two sets this Monday!  – LAST TWO TWEETS!  In my heart I am making out with the world right now. All of you don’t deny this it feels right…” “So rap ain’t paying the bills yet but it’s put food on my belly for a week and a half now. #raplife #withaporpoise #dolphinballz”!!!! Ballz indeed!

MUSICAL GUEST: DAVID REDBRANCH is the most important songwriter to come out of his bedroom in many decades. A Brooklyn based singer/songwriter whose style of Americana is sure to get the heart singing and the feet movin’ and a’tapping. For a sneaky peek of the awesome, go clicky here


BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “BOX OF DOOM” Challenge – we’re stealing this popular National Poetry Slam Event, and spinning it Nick Style! He’s culling together awful, I mean just awful penned lyrics and poems. Your job? Reach into the box (box? bag… might be Nick’s pocket….) After you choose a (gulp) piece of writing, you’ve got a few minutes to read it over, and then perform it with all the seriousness you can muster. Best performance gets a frosty prize on us!

Snacks! Bonus Ruckus! Backing Band! Live Art Auction! Yosh and Chicken slinging the booze and da burgers that keep you a’coming on back! And, of course, all the other lovely type craziness you’ve come to expect, demand, and love about DG will be in full effect. You should be there. No, really. Seriously. You should. (Many thanks to Paulie Lipman for throwing together this post while I was away in New York for cousin’s wedding! Boom!

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