Monday Aug 13th! BEAU WILLIAMS returns to the DG! Musical Guest: JUDAS BROOKS! Plus PROSE CUDDLE CHALLENGE #3!

Last Monday was ridiculously awesome. We see no reason why this Monday can’t be the same! We want you, we need you, we… (insert further sweet enticements here).

POETRY FEATURE: A return visit from none other than 2010, 2011 & 2012 Manchester Slam Free of Die Poetry Slam Team Member & current Portland Maine Resident, BEAU WILLIAMS – born in a hospital room because Wal-Mart was further away, Beau runs a successful poetry venue in Newmarket, NH called Zion Hill Poetry Night at the Stone Church. One day, while sifting through sand on a beach in North Truro Mass, he found a dirty broken object. It was poetry. He now sleeps with it under his arm every night. Beau’s toured the country with the “Uncomfortable Laughter” Ensemble! Excellent words, sentiments and posture are sure to ensue! “Beau Williams is a good, beautiful human being and writer. I would gladly always have him in my home.” –Michael Matthew McGee, National Individual and Team Slam Champion. Word has it he had an impressive showing at this years National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, North Carolina, he’ll be a little road weary but sure to share some amazing stories upon his anticipated return visit.

MUSICAL GUEST: alt-country indie folk rocker from Rhode Island, JUDAS BROOKS has been writing songs since he was 10. He left high school to travel the country, making music. After spending several fruitful years in Boulder, CO and Austin, TX, finally Judas married and ‘settled down’ in New England. He makes music and cultivates love with his wife Mary T.S. Brooks (who just so happens to be our amazing musical guest from last week!) Check out some tunes and get excited at

BONUS RUCKUS: PROSE CUDDLE SMACK-UP #3! Okay, this’ll be the third time doing this so I shouldn’t have to explain, but we got a lotta new folks at the show, so maybe I do. A rap battle pits two emcees against each other in a war of words, whoever throws down the most clever disses wins! We don’t care for putting people down at the Dirty Gerund. We don’t even need to rhyme out rhymes either. The PROSE CUDDLE is the exact opposite. Who can be the nicest? Who can step up to the mic and make their opponent feel fuzzy and warm? Rhyme it if you have to, but let it be known, you don’t have to. Just get up there and say great things to a beat! Winner gets a frosty prize on us! Boom! That’s nice!

Snack Time Queen EMILEE MORREALE wasn’t the only one cooking last week! ADAM, MARTIN & DERRICK have been bringing the jazzy funk to back up them poets! Visual Artist to be annouced! Verily YOSH & CHICKEN can’t wait! Not too much to say right now! This show’s gonna be good, so good, you’ll wish you weren’t at home playing internet games!

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