Monday! August 6th! ERIC DEVENNEY Comes of Age! Musical Guest: SISTER MARY from Rhode Island! Plus “The Bro-etry, Oh No-etry!” Challenge!

So supremely super excited!

POETRY FEATURE: ERIC DEVENNEY – This Lexington native is celebrating his 21st birthday party by finally gaining entrance to THE SHOW! Eric Devenney burst onto the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam and Clark University Poetry Slam Scenes back in the fall 2009, spinning whimsically humorous, rhyming couplet zingers! Member of 2010 and 2011 Worcester Youth Teams (the second of which made semi finals) at the annual Brave New Voices Festival, he also started organizing events and clubs at Clark University, where he’s now a senior! A few workshops later, this youngster, made a left turn and started delving deep into metaphor and imagery to become one of the best kept secrets in New England right now! (Mainly cause he wasn’t old enough to get into most venues)! But all that changes this Monday! Eric’s gonna rock out proper with former mentors and new fans alike. He’s got a chapbook, a winning personality and word craft that’ll make you wish you didn’t binge so much when you were in school….

MUSICAL GUEST: SISTER MARY is the monicker used by Westerly Rhode Island Native, Indie Folk Songwriter-Songstress MARY T.S. BROOKS. Elegant lyrics, mixed with banjo, acoustic guitar and bewitching melodies will hook you this Monday! Currently in the midst of a seventeen date NorthEast Tour in support of debut album, “Nothing More, Nothing Less,” she’s making some time to swing through our spot to haunt the rafters with sweetly dark siren compositions! Get a listen and check out more at!

BONUS RUCKUS -The First Ever “Bro-Etry?, Oh No!-Etry!” Guessing Game Show! Maybe we’re paying ironic respect, or reaching out to our bro-dudes with an olive branch bong hit! But since we hear that college crowd might be coming out in droves to see our resident big man on campus perform poems this Monday, we thought we’d get a little Belushi wacky in homage to the bros! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will re-interpret classic poems by classic dude-bro’s, you buzz in and tell us who’s legacy we’re butchering with our slurred words and strategic “seriously” plants… no, seriously… dude…. bro…. seriously….  First to reach 3 correct guesses wins a frosty prize on us! Who will play buzzer?

Last week’s extended open mic was awesome! DUCT TAPE BAND‘s summer residency line-up may be coming to an end soon! Catch the hot fire while you can! YOSH & CHICKEN will be working that hot burger fire between witty remarks and drink orders! Visual artistry will most likely not involve baseball caps! Snack Time will beirut you under the table! So much innuendo! BRO! DO! NOT! MISS! THIS! SHOW! BraaaappPPPPPPP!

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