Monday July 30th! Canada Performance Poetry Duo “DEATH BY PEDESTRIAN!” Musical Guest: Boston Burlesque Poetess JOJO LAZAR Plus! Olympic Haiku Game Guess Show!

POETRY FEATURE: DEATH BY PEDESTRIAN – Collectively these two touring Canadian Performance Poets, have been mucking things up in the Montreal and Vancouver poetry slams since 2007. Their work explodes theatrical and literary traditions. Producers ofOne-man spoken word play Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers which has been performed in cities across the continent, founded the radical literary collective and micro press, Migratory Words. have produced a trilogy of collage poetry books are Graphic Love Body, O the Brief Eternity and Country of Big Nowhere. Edited Love Letters: from the Lives of Canadian Poets. Their work captures the mind at work, the soul in transit, the world on its constant brink. These two cats are on a mini US tour and are sure to spark your imaginations with wit, energy and performance chops!

MUSICAL GUEST: JOJO LAZAR’s mission in life is to be herself completely, and in doing so inspire others to break free from the chains of unnecessary judgments. Lazar is a performance artist known as “the burlesque poetess” and is an active tenor ukulele player in the circus band “Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.”Lazar’s voice is unique and her writing of her young life is inspiring; it offers a reminder to live each day exactly as you are. (Moxie Magazine Interview) She rocks out on ukelele, performs often at Club Passim in Cambridge, and can even workshop your uke skills if you wanna!

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BONUS RUCKUS: OLYMPIAD HAIKU QUIZ SHOW! We’re gonna brew up some original haikus about your favorite Olympic Events, guess right, be the first to guess right three times and win a drink on us! Go for the Gold! ~ WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK EXPERIMENTS us as the House Band! Yosh and Chicken miss the 92′ Dream Team! Visual Arts and Snacks to be determined! This is gonna be a high flying international style show this Monday Night! You don’t need a map! Do you?

Performance Footage from our Musical Guest! Enjoy!

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