Monday July 9th! DG welcome’s MEAGHAN FORD from Boston! Musical Guest: SWEET STREET SYMPHONY! Plus! “Nick’s Drunk Text of Poem?” Challenge!

FEATURE: MEAGHAN FORD is a poet, educator, and designer living in Boston, MA. She received her Masters from Emerson College and recently worked with Mass LEAP on the inaugural Louder than a Bomb Youth Poetry Festival. When not working she can be found running around the city sampling the local food trucks and climbing scaffolds. Meaghan has been previously published by Phantom Kangaroo, The Scrambler, and the Legendary to name a few. She was a finalist for this year’s Write Bloody Publishing Contest as well as Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team Finals. This sharp, insanely talented, powerful voice is coming to Worcester for her first Dirty Gerund Feature! All hail!

MUSICAL GUEST: From New Orleans, SWEET STREET SYMPHONY is on tour and barn storming their way into our show this Monday with an really fun mix of dance-able originals, trad. jazz, and folk songs! The band is made up of SHAMEUS PAN GREY MOUNTAIN who sings and plays banjo and drums, TATE CARSON on bass, JASON CASH on flute, clarinet, and alto saxaphone, BYRON ASHER on clarinet and tenor saxaphone, M’ISSA FLEMING sings and plays trumpet, flute, and washboard! These troubadours are on tour in support of their self titles release! You should rock out with them at so much dancing is sure to ensue!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Second Annual “Drunk Text Message of Poem?!!!” Challenge! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS sometimes writes poems, sometimes he’s worse for drink and chooses to communicate in drunk texts that sound even more poetic than any open mic stanza. Nick’s gonna find some of his favorites and pepsi-challenge you to tell the difference. We ‘ll set the buzzer up, first to guess three correct, quiz show style, get’s a drink on us and gets one step closer to penning your next late night glorious text message debacle!

WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK EXPERIMENT is chilling with their summer residency! EMILEE MORREALE is on vacation! Who will bring snacks? I ask. Who? Email her by Sunday Night to jump on board! YOSH & CHICKEN hopes there’s bacon! We hope to shake and bake with you this Monday! Many thanks to those who’ve been coming out this summer, we look to keep rocking with ya proper!

We’ll leave you with some sweet street sounds from this week’s musical guest! Come Bayou Wielin’ with us!

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