Monday July 2nd! Celebrate Fireworks w/ a very HAIRYLAMB DG Fund Raiser! Musical Guest Portland Accoustic Singer GAELLE ROBIN! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

We need paper clips apparently. Or maybe the IRS is counting them pennies in our buckets. Or maybe we’re trying to get some new DG swag off the ground. Or maybe we’re saving money up to buy the Youker back from Chicago. We don’t want him to play 3rd base for the Red Sox anymore, we just want to chill with him! We don’t care.

The Dirty Gerund wants your money. FUN RAISER STYLE!

YOUR FEATURE: HAIRYLAMB – your humble host servant demands a slot that doesn’t open the show. Your humble host servant has some poems on paper that he won’t feel pressured to wave his arms around for, in a manic attempt to start the raucous ruckus off right. Your humble host servant is tired of referring to himself as humble and wishes to SMASH like bulk store items spilt on the Hulk. Your self effacing rumble post servant declares himself fit to 15 minute feature slot you in the face… twice! Your tumble weed coast serve man no longer feels the need to justify! Him hungry for burgers and your slap happy dazzled attention strings. Your grumble toast pageant wishes nothing but the best for you, but is serving himself up with no butter instead. He likes to wear hats!

MUSICAL GUEST: GAELLE ROBIN is a Portland – based poet and singer/songwriter who was born and raised in rural Maine. you might see gaelle working the counter at local sprouts cooperative or sauntering down the brick sidewalks of the city. but, in their free time, they are most likely cuddling with their cat, pretending to play guitar or thinking about how the world is beautiful and crumbling at the same time. Check out more of the haunting melodies and amazing string strums at If this wasn’t exciting enough, guess who’s backing on drums? ….. wait for it…… none other that our choicest ex-patriot musical director, GREG McKILLOP!!!! Boom!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER “??????? vs. ???????” Whu? Ya! Your benevolent curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is looking for two stalwart poets to do battle in poem stadium this Monday, for the right to face NICOLE ZAJON for the Interim IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! 2 poets (sure we don’t know who yet, but that’s never stopped us before) 3 original poetic creations (haiku, short poem, and incorporation poem) 3 judges, 3 criteria (taste, presentation and use of the…..) and one diabolical secret ingredient presented at the beginning of the show by our Chairman (and heralded bar man) YOSH SHARTIN! Will it be delectable of metal detectable? Who knows? Who cares? The answer? You will, this monday night!

NICHOLAS DAVIS IS PSYCHED TO SING SNACK TIME with the WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK DG DUCT TAPE EXPERIMENT featuring MARTIN, ADAM & DERRICK! Who will donate? Contact EMILEE MORREALE for glory! Visual Artist will be chosen by AARON WHITE! Get at him if you’ve always wanted to make money doing your art live! YOSH & CHICKEN make THEIR money the old fashioned way, by serving you witty banter and the best in draught goodness! Open Mic and all the rest as we say hello to JULY!!!! Yup! Forget the founding fathers! We’re spitting hot fire-crackers that will spark a little something beside the nubs where your fingers used to be this very Monday Night! I mean, let’s face it, with the 4th falling ever so precariously on a Wednesday, you’ve all pretty much decided to take most of the week off any way right? So… ya! Right!

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