Monday! June 25th – Dirty Gerund Welcomes 2011 NPS Finalist JAMILA WOODS from Chicago! Musical Guest: Return of the DUBBER w/ SILDAG! Plus “The Lazy Days of Summer” Lazy Challenge!

Dirty Gerund gets in the papers sometimes! Well that’s no surprise, we put on a quality show every Monday and deserve to have people writing about our writing! Check out Victor Infante’s T&G Review from last Monday’s Double Blast of Good! Let’s keep the sweet momentum going!

POETRY FEATURE: JAMILA WOODS is a poet, playwright and teaching artist who sings in elevators and talks to birds in public. She has competed in several collegiate and national competitions, most recently repping Team Providence on finals stage at the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Boston, MA. She is the two-time champion of Chicago’s Louder Than A Bomb College Poetry Slam, and was also awarded the title of “Best Female Poet” at CUPSI in 2009. Apart from slam, Jamila is a recurring featured poet in Chicago’s Encyclopedia Show, and a teaching artist for high school students. Her first book of poetry, entitled The Truth About Dolls was recently released on New School Poetics Press. You can find out about that and more at Jamila is also an accomplished musician, who’ll be performing with her band MILO & OTIS as a part of her feature. OWEN HILL, the other member of the group and bass player will also be in the house.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE DUBBER plus SILDAG – Hey if the Featured Poet can bring a band, then we see no reason why the musical guest can’t bring a traveling poet in tow! GET GENRE BENT this Monday with THE DUBBER, who returns, accompanied by South Carolina Poet, JON “SILDAG” STARINO – Several months ago, THE DUBBER rocked us with an amazing set, in the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, confronting the world with his words and guitar, this self taught singer/songwriter infuses America’s Rock, Jazz and Funk along with some Reggae, Middle Eastern and Afro Beat flavoring to express his blues and complete his distinctive sound. Which he has officially dubbed New World Music. Since 2005, the Washington DC born/Columbia SC based artist has trail blazed through the U.S. with honest and intimate live stage performances. Looking forward to what these two stalwart roads-men will bring to our stage! to hear more!

BONUS RUCKUS: “THE LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER” LAZY CHALLENGE! – Too. Hot…. to ….. type… uhm…. think. Well not really. I’m exercising my right as an entitled arts activist to sit in an air conditioned coffee shop to do my typey typing. But Monday Nighs can run a bit long. So long in fact, that sometimes we’d like to end the show so that we may once again get hydrated. This Monday’s Show is gonna be HOT! (don’t care what the weather forecast is), so we’re going to end our show lazy! What’s lazier than haikus? That’s right, nothing! Bring your best, funniest, most provocative haiku about summer, summertime laziness, and win a drink on us! So… lazy….

ADAM CASTEN, DERRICK MEADE AND MARTIN GOHARY have been rocking the jazzy imporv funk the past few weeks! We expect more to come! EMILEE MORREALE has rocked a back to back amazing snacks, anyone want to give her a week off? Write her at by Sunday to Volunteer and have your praises sung! CHICKEN & YOSH are wondering why I didn’t say YOSH & CHICKEN! Serves them right, not really, but they’ll serve you right all night with tasty food and beverage! Visual Artist TBA! (NICOLE ZAJON rocked it last week!) Anything else? Uhm. NICK LIKES YOU (don’t tell him I told you!) (Photo by KYLE GANSON)!


So much summer fun!

We’ll leave you with some amazing words from one of our amazing features!

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