Monday June 11th, Dirty Gerund! Meet your maker… again! Featuring RUSHELLE FRAZIER! Musical Guest MATT FOX! Plus! The “Thank Rush, We All Hang HERE!” Challenge!

Local stars shine at the DG sometimes, even when those local stars travel a ways to be here! Meet the person who though it was a good idea to have poetry at Ralphs!

FEATURE: RUSHELLE FRAZIER has been devoted to poetry, both page and stage, for the better part of the last decade. Rushelle is a member of the 2002 Worcester Adult Slam Team, co-coach of the 2004 Worcester Youth Slam Team and the 2010 Savannah Youth Slam Team. Rushelle was voted Best Female Poet at the 2006 Savannah Spoken Word Festival. She’s given readings and workshops at various schools and colleges across the East coast. Rushelle is the FOUDNER of the Dirty Gerund Poetry show in Worcester, Ma as well as the founder of Tongue! Open Mouth and Music Show in Savannah, Ga. She is co-founder of The Ladyface Players, a women’s performance troupe. In the summer of 2010, she put out her fifth chapbook, Last Mix Tape. In 2011, she through-hiked (minus 200 miles) the Appalachian Trail. Currently, Rushelle lives in Tennessee with her partner, Jason, and her dog, Gabby. Let’s welcome her back with gasps of glee!

MUSICAL GUEST: No stranger to our stage, (upon special request from our feature), MATT FOX feature again, after almost a year away from our shiny faces. This local acoustic music man’s got a great aesthetic. He can kick it with only 5 strings, got involved with music to get a girl friend back when he was 15 and has been getting mad universal love back ever since. Probably more comfortable playing around a camp-fire, Woody Guthrie style, we’ll do the best we can to make the smores tasty under our roof at Ralph’s. Check out video and music over at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “AREN’T YOU GLAD WE HANG HERE ON MONDAYS” TRIBUTE CHALLENGE! Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is super thankful our friend RUSHELLE FRAZIER is back in town visiting, he’s also super thankful that she passed on the superb idea of mixing poetry with our favorite watering hole. He’s so thankful in fact, that he wants to write tribute “Rushelle, you’re awesome!” poems to celebrate our ruckusy inheritance. He’s a bit corny, but is willing to put his tribute poem up against yours this Monday, with a prize on the line. Bring us a poem, thanking Rushelle, showering praise on Rushelle, or hell, just tell her she’s pretty! You can even pen a haiku about the great poems she’ll be reading on Monday and win!

Dirty Gerund Duct Tape Ensemble blew minds away with ADAM CASTEN & MARTIN GOHARY re-joining the mix! YOSH & CHICKEN are filling a big pint glass of “get over it” for all you Celtic Game 7 mopers! SNACKS & VISUAL ARTS round our what is sure to be a dynamite night of welcoming our benevolent founder back! Ruckus, get some!

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