Monday! May 28th! Memorial Day Madness w/ local word provocateur ASLAN KING! Musical Guest: KIRSTEN LAMB from Boston’s SPIDER CIDER! Plus! The “Sarah St. George’s Baby Shower” Haiku Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: Local poet, rapper, punk rocker and general mayhem word provocateur ASLAN KING‘s music and poetry can be found local upstart indie label– He’s been raising roofs, turning heads and scaring one or two fuddy duddies with his work for several years now. Whether it’s exploring the dark side of GG Alin, swapping real life stories of Worcester’s forgotten, or delving deep into his own history, Aslan pulls few punches and brings an intense earnestness to his work. Teacher, dad, adventurer, scrabble puncher, he’s collaborated with local music producer TORBIN HARDING, releasing the Hip Hop L.P. album Real, Punk Rock E.P., Ameriking. His first book, Anticipating Nothing, released in 2009. You can anticipate more than that this Monday at his first Dirty Gerund Feature!

MUSICAL GUEST: KIRSTEN LAMB. Born into a musical family in northern New Jersey, Kirsten Lamb grew up surrounded by a wide variety of music and musicians. A multi-instrumentalist from an early age, Kirsten played piano, violin, and guitar before starting to learn the upright bass at age thirteen. She quickly shifted focus to the bass because its versatility was a good fit for her growing curiosity for different styles of music. Kirsten continued her studies of the upright bass at the Oberlin Conservatory in Oberlin, OH under the tutelage of Thomas Sperl, of the Cleveland Orchestra, and Peter Dominguez, Professor of Jazz Studies and Double Bass. While at Oberlin, Kirsten was encouraged to begin singing while playing upright bass, which lead to the development of her unique style of solo performance with voice and upright bass accompaniment. After graduating from Oberlin in 2009, Kirsten moved to Boston, Massachusetts. She regularly performs on upright bass, banjo, viola da gamba, and voice with many local groups, as well as a solo artist. Check out more about all her projects at!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Sarah St. George’s Baby Shower” Haiku Challenge! One of our favorite open mic regulars SARAH ST. GEORGE is joining the ranks of bad-ass moms very soon and we want to throw her a baby shower! She’s about ready to pop and probably shouldn’t be attending our chicanery so close to due date (wink), but we’ve talked her into attending at least one more Gerund before producing a future gerunder. We did this because we want to wish her the best and heap praise and wonderful words, and hmmm… maybe a few baby name suggestions. So here’s the scoop. Write a haiku, suggesting baby names, bring an original poem that you think a prospective mom should here, sign up and get her laughing this Monday Night! She’s got an awesomely warped sense of humor (for those who regularly enjoy her work), so the more irreverent, the better! Also, if you want to bring down some baby presents, we would not mind at all!

Do not confuse the Duct Tape Band with any kind of mid-wife-ery! YOSH & CHICKEN will bring your next burger into this world! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS desperately wants more audience to cuddle! Many Thanks to KYLE MARSHALL for his expert photographs that make it look like we kinda know what we’re doing! Thanks sooooooo much NICOLE ZAJON, for the brilliant bacon wrapped snacks this past Monday, what will we see this week? Visual Artist, the ever populat TBA (man, one of these day’s, I’m gonna beg AARON WHITE to give me a shot at that auction money!). Open Mic, Wonderfulness and perhaps an all day lay in the sun, night cap with as many of you as possible this Memorial Day! Heck, my first poem was about Memorial Day, 5th Grade Teacher made me write it! Maybe I’ll dig it up and share it this Monday! Bam! Why does it feel like… somebody’s watching meeeee!

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