Monday! May 21st! From New York, Professional “Nerd” JAIME MARTIN! Musical Guest: FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW from Boston! Plus! PAULIE LIPMAN’s “Nerd” Haiku Quiz Show!

POETRY FEATURE: JAIME MARTIN is a writer, performer, comic artist, and professional nerd. He has been a featured performer at the New York Comic Con and The Bowery Poerty Club. His work has been published in the journals The Legendary, Borderline, Calliope Nerve, and a upcoming Winter issue of The Stray Branch. He was the co-host of the infamous Nerd Slam at the 2009 Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, California. He was most recently a member of the 2011 LoserSlam team out of Long Branch, New Jersey at the 2011 National Poetry Slam. He has studied several martial arts and likes to tell inappropriate jokes in mixed company. He is probably at this moment looking for a better job than the one he currently has (please help him, he is awkward). He like firm hugs and pie, please feel free to give him either or both next time you see him. He currently lives in New York City and wishes they would bring Firefly back.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW – Emotionally stirring yet composed, The Fierce Urgency of Now uses music to tell tales of joy and sorrow. Lifting its name from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic I Have A Dream, The Fierce Urgency of Now dissects its surroundings through story-like songs. The duo balances calm, acoustic melodies with post-hardcore sensibilities to craft music that is equally progressive and diverse. The Fierce Urgency, for short, consists of guitarist and lead singer Corey Sherman and guitarist/singer Dan Quaresma. Growing up in Rhode Island, the duo played together in a number of outfits before finally forming The Fierce Urgency of Now while attending college in Boston. In 2008, Sherman and Quaresma decided that they wanted to take their music in a new direction, abandoning the pop-punk sound they grew up with in favor of a more mature sound. Check out their sounds at

BONUS RUCKUS: PAULIE LIPMAN’s “ARE YOU NERD ENOUGH” Haiku Quiz Show Challenge! Our resident “Kevin Smith School of Knowing Stuff you Don’t Know About” Word Master PAULIE LIPMAN is testing your knowledge about all things OTHER this Monday Night at the Gerund. In honor of our special guest nerd poet, he’s going to whip up 10 original haiku’s dealing with super heroes, sci fi, fantasy, role play etc. You’re going to sign up and try your luck. First to three correct answers gets you a comic book, or some other kind of nerdy prize!

Duct Tape Band cares only for tasty grooves! Snacks & Visual Artist TBD! Yosh & Chicken will keep one eye on game 5 and the other on your drink or burger order. Check out the new amazing documentation that we exist, thanks to a new poster designed by JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL! Poetry is nerdy in a cool way. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS thinks he’s a nerd, but we all know better. Bring your nerdy self down this Monday and awkwardly interact with the others! NERDS!!!!!


Inspired by the biggest nerd of all time…. after a crazy night at our show that is!


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