Monday May 14th! Our Very Own LIZ SWENSON feautres! Musical Guest LA Based indie art rapper ADDER! Plus! The “Ooops, I forgot Mom’s Day” Bastard Haiku Excuse Challenge!

Mondays gettin kinda craZeeeeee!

POETRY FEATURE: LIZ SWENSON reads with both childlike wisdom and ageless experience at the same time. She is a faerie. When she reads it makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as well as the little part of the back of your head tingle.” Greg McKillop, aka Speaker for the Dead – 

Some of the best people live right around here! At the Dirty Gerund we don’t always have to import! This Monday, our own LIZ SWENSON will be doing her first featured reading for us and we couldn’t be prouder.  She spends her days as a child and family therapist in Southern Worcester County. Born in Amsterdam NY, she moved to Worcester 10 years ago. Always a writer of things, a dabbler in poetry at different points in her life, she’s been writing & performing poetry regularly for a little over 2 years, making splashes in all the local readings, especially our fair little variety show where’s she’s been crowned “word ninja” on more than one occasion. Over the past 6 months, she has also become a community activist. She was not exactly intending for this to happen, but she’s pretty sure poetry is at least partially to blame for making her think her voice could help make a difference. She’s started a free school that runs two monthly workshops on social justice issues, and community interest issues (e-mail for more info). It has led to her getting people together to come and talk about important issues, and facilitating things far too often. It has led to meeting and getting to know even more great people around Worcester and a few other places. A fine poet, a finer person and just the type of voice we’re proud to celebrate week in and week out at the Gerund. Expect 2 full sets of awesome this Monday!

MUSICAL GUEST: ADDER is a Los Angeles, California Based Artist on a national tour. In his own words: “Hip hop rooted in the DIY guts of punk rock culture. Many hip hop live shows can come off looking like a karaoke jam. My shows are based on musicianship, word play, philosophy and an ideology grown from the top of mycelium. Sometimes I get to busy trying to operate multiple machines at once, but that’s fun and challenging to me and I love it. I could easily write this in third person, but I think that makes for a lame Bio. Caught somewhere in between the ‘beat scene’ and spoken word poetry I’m not interested in committing to a genre. I’m not trying to break a mold, I’m trying to reshape the one’s I’ve grown to love.I’m a pianist, an emcee, a sample based producer as well as acoustic engineer. To put it complicated my music is psychedelic socio-philosophy. To put it simply, it’s art rap that’ll move your neck.” Check out music, tour dates, etc at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Ooooops I forgot Mother’s Day” Bastard Excuse Haiku Challenge! Ya. You missed it. You hungover, self absorbed, narcissistic douche bag. The woman who gave you life, christmas socks and $20 when you were low on gas only asks for a phone call, or a card, or a brunch. We understand (not really, we hang with our mom’s on mothers day) but we are accepting souls at the DG, and wish to offer you the opportunity to excuse yourself with a haiku. Your haiku can be an overdue apology, an IOU promising future recompense or the “mother” of all excuses, an excuse that only an enabling mom could accept. The biggest doozie gets a prize, even though you don’t deserve one. Honestly call your moms ya’ll!

DUCT TAPE BAND got the local florists on lock! YOSH & CHICKEN will refrain from “yo mama” jokes for one night only! Snack Time may not come from a mom, but you’ll feel the same sorta love anyways. Visual Artist TBA (hoping something special comes through the pipe line). JESSICA LOVINA is almost done with our new add campaign, compliments of the Worcester Arts Council! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is mother hen for all and misses you even more than he can express. I’m alright. All is swell in DG land. Come play!

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