Monday! April 30th! Chicago phenom EMILY ROSE! Musical Guest TEXTBOOK CO-PILOT! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP!

POETRY FEATURE: EMILY ROSE– Emily Rose is a Chicago-born and raised poet, performer and host of many things. An active organizer in her community, she is currently a Real Talk Avenue Artist, co-SlamMaster and host of the Mental Graffiti Poetry Slam, Jilted Emily Rose at The Encyclopedia Show, Tournament Director for Louder Than a Bomb, member of the 2010 & 2011 Mental Graffiti Slam Teams, a board member for Chicago Slam Works, chair of poetry for the Bucktown Arts Festival, and much much more. Her first chapbook, Cigarette Love Songs and Nicotine Kisses (Cross+Roads Press), was published in 2004. Her work has appeared in After HoursTimeOut Chicago and more. Emily Rose probably already likes you.

MUSICAL GUEST: TEXBOOK CO-PILOT- These recently re-formed Boston rockers are mysterious. But I have found the lair where they keep all their delicious musical treats 

If you want a visual to go with their awesome, Greg McKillup approved, sonic goodness you are just going to have to haul yourself down to Ralph’s on Monday. And with an already killer line up of badassedness, you don’t really need much more motivation. But, just in case you do, we’ve got a BONUS RUCKUS worthy of only the Gods themselves



Can our current champion DR. JENN MAHON hold on to her title? We shall see as she goes head to head with ASLAN KING in what promises to be a throwdown of epic proportions ! 3 rounds, 3 poems, 3 judges, 3 criteria. One secret ingredient from our Chairman Yosh Shartin! Battle ? BEGIN!

DUCT TAPE BAND in full effect. YOSH and CHICKEN slingin’ da booze. Snacks and visual art a-plenty. This has been PAULIE LIPMAN (yet again chained to chair with only Monster and cigarettes) reporting for Alex, Nic, and the rest of the Dirty Gerund crew. See you Monday!

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