Monday! April 23rd! RYK McINTYRE Returns! Musical Guest MICHAEL THOMAS PETRALIA! Bonus Ruckus: “WoMag’s Best Of” Haiku Gameshow Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE – one of our favorites returns from down Route 146 way in Providence RI, where he makes his home with fellow poet wife Melissa and darlin daughter Autumn! A legend in the North East Poetry Slam Scene, Ryk’s represented several teams at the Annual National Poetry Slam. He’s co-hosted at the World Famous Boston Cantab Poetry Slam and currently hosts the popular Got Poetry Series that happens every Tuesday at Blue State Coffee on Thayer Street in Providence! One of the funniest story tellers on the scene, Ryk’s known for going well beyond most comfort zones, whether its rapping about Godzilla or gulp, Hamlet, to beautiful odes to love, crazy leaps of faith and bread baking, this Tai-Kwan-Do belter, weaves rich tapestry tales that connect with audiences in a way most envy! We’ve featured a lot of great voices at the Gerund, we don’t always invite them back! Ryk’s one of them special types that we’re more than happy to welcome back any time!

MUSICAL GUEST: MICHAEL THOMAS PETRALIA Lyrically driven and emotionally charged, Michael Thomas Petralia combines an unexamined need to say something with driving, folksy rhythms, mellifluous tones, and a gritty vocal blanket. If Conor Oberst, Ray LaMontagne, and Chuck Ragan adopted Cat Stevens’ kid and raised him on Long Island, Michael would probably be friends with him. Michael spent the better part of 2011 learning to be a writer, the early part of 2012 pretending to be a writer, and the past few months
writing. He currently resides in Rockport, Massachusetts and recently typeset, printed, and bound his first collection of writings as well as recorded a demo of his first few tunes. Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: Celebrate “Womag’s Best of” Haiku Gameshow Challenge! Every year Worcester Magazine Puts together a readers’ poll to help select the BEST of EVERYTHING Worcester! (They even have a poetry show category!) In anticipation of this year’s poll winners being announced, we’re taking a look back at last year. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is going to construct haikus highlighting Worcester’s best in Hot Dogs, Dog Walkers, Cougar Bars, Weeding Cakes, you know whatever folks are into. You guess the Worcester Institution Correct and get a point, get three points and win a beverage on us!

Duct Tape Band grooves behind your words so effortless! Yosh & Chicken rock Bruins Stats like pros! Tip them! New open mic phenom Nicole Zajon has once again offered to bring snacks! Visual Artist TBA! National Poetry Month is taking a lot outta us, why do our phones always ring so much in April! DG’s all about getting ya’ll to care about words all the time! Many thanks to new friend KYLE as he makes his case to get on our ruckus staff page with amazing photographs from the last few weeks! Well done sir! He always gets my good side, just kidding, they’re both my good sides! They’re all good sides. Ugh…. I’m going to quit this while I am somewhat ahead. So long.

We’ll leave you with some video from our feature!

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