Monday April 2nd! Celebrate National Poetry Month w/ Boston Cantab Star CARRIE RUDZINSKI! Musical Guest THE HOT HOLY MESS from Brooklyn! Plus, the “April Fool’s” Challenge!

When’s National Ruckus Month? Oh well, we’ll just stick with National Poetry Month until the powers that be, give us ruckus makers some recognition, that national kind! Let’s go April!

FEATURED POET: CARRIE RUDZINSKICarrie Rudzinski’s ethereal voice flows through heartbreaking metaphors of rejection and loss. She speaks with the smooth, sensual rhythm of a jazz singer.
The Boston Globe

Carrie is a performance poet, adventurer and full time anti-sock activist! Named “Best Female Poet” and “Best Of The Rest” at her first national poetry competition in 2008, she’s a full time performance poet who has performed her work on stages around the world. She has toured the United States four times and represented the Boston Poetry Slam at the 2010 Individual World Poetry Slam and twice at the National Poetry Slam in 2010 and 2011. She ranked 14th in the world at the 2011 Women Of The World Poetry Slam in Columbus, Ohio. Most recently, Carrie performed her work to audiences in New Zealand, Australia, and India. She has been published twice in the online magazine Muzzle and had her first collection of poetry, A History Of Silence, published by Bicycle Comics in 2010.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE HOT HOLY MESS – From Brooklyn, this self described collaborative astral phonetic experience” was conceived in a dream that Skye Steele had the night after a near-fatal encounter with a mountain lion in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley last January, the Hot Holy Mess will draw an astral circle around the room within which performers and participants co-mingle in song singing, musical reflection, poetic interjection, glossolalic incantation, and dancing. We celebrate Love, Lust, Mortality, Memory, and the world about us. Check ’em out at


BONUS RUCKUS: The “April Fool’s Blues” Haiku Gameshow Guess Challenge! (I try to include as many cute kittens as I can, so we get more internet hits, you understand!) Got suckered recently? Getting suckered soon? Wanna sucker punch back at all this suckering? Sign up. We’ll have haiku’s prepared with the latest news. You guess true of false and we’ll see who the real April Fool is around here? First to three correct gets a prize! When Nicholas Earl Davis and I write haikus, we all win! APRIL FOOLS!!!!

Duct tape band does their thing! We expect a return of the wayward GREG McKILLOP this week! YOSH & CHICKEN are kickin hot rap verses between burger flips! Tip them! Visual Arts TBA! (I love their earlier work!) Snacks will be taken care of by one of our newest open mic stars, Nicole! Can’t wait for poetry on Monday, check out for news on the first ever LOUDER THAN A BOMB YOUTH POETRY SLAM FESTIVAL happening at MIT! Brought to you by Zachary Hueras (and some other folks)! Also, Poet’s Asylum has a great feature coming through this Sunday, REGIE CABICO from DC! Onward Gerunders!

We’ll leave you with some music from our special guests! I like it!

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