Oh man!!! Feb 27th! Dirty Gerund welcomes HARLYM 125!!! Musical Guest: Old T.B.O. Bestie BRIAN DEL SIGNORE! Plus! The “Dart Bored Daze” Writing Challenge!

Holy wow! You’d be hard pressed to find a show that’s going to rock harder than this Monday’s show! You’d need like the ghost of Jimi Hendrix w/ the ghost of Kermit the Frog backing him on bass and the ghost of Bruce Lee playing drums! DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. SHOW.

Thanks (The Management)

POETRY FEATURE: HARLYM 125 – Soooooooo glad we’re finally bringing this dude in! By day, JAMELE ADAMS tends to the business of academia, as Dean of Diversity Services at Brandeis University w/ multitudes of undergraduate & graduate degrees in tow. But at night, this poetic juggernaut commands microphones and brings the diversity like few in the New England Spoken Word Circuit today! I’ve seen this poet inspire hundreds of teens to proclaim that they were kings and queens in youth centers. I’ve seen this poet make even the most seasoned erotic bards blush in jazz lounges. I’ve seen this man organize and referee underground poetry slam “fight club” battles at the annual National Poetry Slam at 4am. Whether he’s performing for 3 or 300, he brings intense heat, blistering wordplay and manic realism to every stage he touches. Originally hailing from NYC (incorporated into his stage name), this talented man now calls Boston his poetic home, earning several slots on fierce LIZARD LOUNGE Poetry Slam Teams. Too many honors and accolades to mention here! This guy’s gonna tear the roof off the place. We’ll call the carpenters, contractors whatever, so folks can still drink at Ralph’s on Tuesday!

MUSICAL GUEST: BRIAN DEL SIGNORE – Long before Duct Tape, there was the original Dirty Gerund House Band, the Ticklebomb Orchestra! The first couple times, this young man played drums as part of our poetry/music experiment, we all knew we were onto something outstanding. He’s back! Original house band drummer Brian Del Signore is making a triumphant return to the Dirty Gerund with an album, written and produced by him! The record’s called “Behind the Times,” and will be available for release this Monday! To celebrate this record release, we’ll be rocking out to his tunes during the half time musical extravaganza! Brian teaches drums, writes music and is an unapologetic certified Red Hot Chili Pepper nut! I cannot wait to rock out to this new project this coming Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS: The DART BORED DAZE Challenge! Ever want to throw sharp things at your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS? Me too? Ever wanted a great reason to do so? Well, here’s your legal chance this Monday Night! People enjoyed the magnetic poetry challenge we had several weeks back, we didn’t want to straight up repeat the challenge, but we tinkered around a bit in the lab until Nick accidentally came up with a grand idea. “What if I wear a dart board on my back, with a few choice words and poem themes, people throw darts at it, at the start of the night, then write a short poem during the show?” I thought it was brilliant, then asked why we couldn’t just put the board on a chair or something? “Oh, yeah, that’d be smarter…. less darts in my ass…. can we….” and then I cut him off, so, darts thrown at Nick’s back it is!!!! We’ll take three contestants. Whoever writes the best short poem on random topic wins a prize! Got it? Great! Dart board backpack!!!

JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL is scheming on a new DG add campaigns! DUCT TAPE Band‘s been killing it softly with their instrumentals, killing them softly I say! Many thanks to JESSICA GONYEA for her wonderful snack time skills last week! Anyone wanna try to top that? Get at Emilee! VISUAL ARTS TBA, bring auction money! YOSH & CHICKEN are dropping home made jerky rumors (psssssst… the password is tip like crazy, don’t say it, do it!) The last few weeks have been amazing. We expect a full open mic list this Monday, so get there early! Otherwise, no sympathy, none! NICK is enjoying his dartless existence and misses you already or something! BAM!!!

we’ll leave you with some inspiration from our feature!!!

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