Monday! Feb 13th! V-Day Pre-Game like Whoah!!! w/ Boston’s JAMES CAROLINE! Musical Guest HIP-SWAYERS. Plus! DIRTY HAIKU CHALLENGE!

The fever’s broken! Feeling really good and in love with feeling good! Ready to score myself a whole new kinda fever (not the cowbell fever), but the fever that only comes from wrapping yourself back up in a loving community that don’t care if you date or don’t, don’t care if you love or love hatin’ on love! Dirty Gerund’s got you either way! Don’t fret, don’t pout, bring a date or don’t! But outta all the “don’t” you’re contemplating this weekend, don’t miss this show!

POETRY FEATURE: The work of Boston-based poet and performer JAMES CAROLINE is a rare mix of literary craft and vulnerability. James has competed in three National Poetry Slams and was voted Best Local Author in the 2006 Boston Phoenix poll. He is a multiple winner of CPA’s for Best Erotic Male Performance Poet and Best Male Slam Poet. James has performed on 3 continents and has guest-lectured and performed at Brandeis University, Loyola University, Hampshire College, Emerson College, and Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, among others. In May of 2007 he taught and performed at The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans. He has just released his fifth chapbook, is recording an album of songs he’s written with a scattered group of musicians under the mask of Miette, and is working on a novel in verse retelling the myth of Dionysus. Numerous publications and touring chops to his credits, James brings it with passion and dedication to the word. When asked to feature the night before Hallmark Day, James said we were cruel to ask and was super excited to throw down! Epic-ness ensues!

MUSICAL GUEST: Local Americana Country Practitioners THE HIP SWAYERS, hailing from the hills of West Tatnuck, the Hip Swayers are a get up and boogie band that play an eclectic mix of originals and covers – the harmonious duo of David Blodgett and Toni Ostrow invoke George Jones and Melba Montgomery meeting Lili’uokalani and Hank Thompson. The full band, Hip Swayers Deluxe, features Dave Niles on lead guitar and Mark Cherrington on percussion. Check out more at their REVERBNATION PAGE!

BONUS RUCKUS: DIRTY HAIKU CHALLENGE – Feel free to go erotic, but if filthy’s your game, your speed and your general way of engaging the world, pen 5 to 7 of your “eeeh gads, what in the where?” 17 syllable abominations and try to gross the hecks outta your warm and fuzzy arts community. I’d ask that we all lean towards our best selves and best tastes, but I also know that ain’t gonna happen, so hey, it’s the last part of the show right. All the responsible, god-fearing, innocent types will have left by then right? Oh well. We’ll have a super clean prize, it might by a bar of soap to clean your filthy pen with!

I, ALEX CHARALAMBIDES am back amongst the living! If this is something you feel like celebrating, DONATE to the first ever State Wide Youth Poetry Festival (Louder than a Bomb, Massachusetts) that I’m co-coordinating this spring! DUCT TAPE BAND hopes the show gets out in time so they can go Hallmark Shopping at Wallgreens! YOSH & CHICKEN are in love with jerky! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is in love with the Worcester Arts Council & the uncertainty of who’s bringing snacks or visual arts this Monday! We’re all (I suspect) at least a bit in love with EMILEE MORREALE! Hurray!

We’ll leave you in the sexy, capable hands of our feature! BLAM!

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