Monday! Feb 6th! Pittsburgh Punk Poet WILLIAM JAMES growls! Musical Guest Boston Masked Avengers MIGHTY TINY! Plus “Something with Masks…” Challenge!

Last week’s Gerund was epic. Demon Brownies! Jumpin Around! Sick Sets from Job Bundridge & Rich People Food! Plastic cups and an Iron Poet Challenge Tie, for the first time, two amazing competitors are moving on to face off against our champ! Great energy all around, let’s keep it jumpin next week!

FEATURE POET: WILLIAM JAMES once shot his sister in the back of the head with a BB gun; she retaliated immediately with a rake to the back of his skull. Both of them still bear the markings of this misadventure years later. This has nothing to do with poetry whatsoever, except for perhaps explaining the reason why he tends to speak in poems even when he tries not to. A member of the Steel City Poetry Slam in Pittsburgh PA, as well as the underground music community, William mixes the ferocity and sledgehammer subtlety of punk rock with the refined art of the literary world. Whether it’s with a snarl, or a grin, he is dedicated to bringing as much passion, sincerity, and intensity to his craft as a mere mortal can. He is a fan of typewriters, coffee, and all cats. Check out more HERE..a gritty young writer with a great big punk rock heart and blood n’ guts all over everything he writes…definitely one of the up and coming performance poetry names I keep an eye out for.Jared Paul of Prayers For Atheists


MUSICAL GUESTS: Boston’s MIGHTY TINY! If you were to chuck a live hand-grenade center-stage at a lavish Broadway musical, the smoking crater and scattered remains might somewhat resemble Mighty Tiny. Putting on a show that’s “as entertaining visually as it is musically”, Mighty Tiny creates intricate and modern music that comes straight from the soul of the golden age (Kevin Junker, TeaParty Boston). The musical influences of Mighty Tiny reach all the way from the classic compositions of Gershwin and Bernstein to the modern experimental realm of Modest Mouse, Mr. Bungle and Man Man (while stopping somewhere along the way to ask directions from Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin). Lyrically driven, musically lush, frequently beautiful, and occasionally hideous, Mighty Tiny shares borders with experimental rock, blues, punk, Americana, and tin-pan alley jazz.Formed in Boston in the August of 2008, Mighty Tiny immediately gained local exposure by opening for the uniquely talented That 1 Guy. Since their initial foray into the Boston music scene, Mighty Tiny has warmed the hearts of the natives – being referred to as “anachrotastic” and “sophisticated carnies” by the Boston Phoenix. Meanwhile the Improper Bostonian and Dig Boston have said Mighty Tiny “conveys songwriting chops that stand apart from many Boston bands” and has created “auricular, organized chaos through their songwriting.” Throughout their career, Mighty Tiny has performed with a long list of local acts as well as several internationally touring artists including the Electric Six, That 1 Guy, Katzenjammer, Caspian, and Kate Miller-Heidke. Check out more HERE

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “I don’t know, something with masks…” Challenge!  This Monday’s Musical Guests are known for their super live stage show, which often featured masks! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is desperate to play a super hero, pirate or bank robber and is looking for any excuse to augment his appearance at the show. Bring a mask and do a poem about being masked. Make a mask and write a haiku about your mask while wearing your mask. Extra points if you also have a cape (maybe?). I don’t know. Bring a poem, write one, perform one in a mask “just something with masks!” to quote your curator!

Duct tape band sees no evil. Visual artist TBA hears no evil. Yosh & Chicken speak no evil when they say that the Pat’s got this! Come celebrate the super bowl victory this Monday! Snacks? Can we do something less demonic (that was hard to eat)! This show’s going to be loud and ornery, make sure you get there a bit early to assure yourself a spot on the open mic, a seat or a burger cooked to your specifications! We’ll leave you with some footage from our musical guests!



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