Monday Jan 30th! Austin’s JOE BRUNDIDGE returns! Musical Guests RICH PEOPLE FOOD! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER “Mahon vs. McDonough”!!!

Let’s close out this month with a rah rah fist pump!

FEATURED POET: This man dropped by a few weeks back, during his “walking the earth” travels and took our open mic by storm! So being the smart organizers we are, we invited him back to hang for a full feature presentation! Hailing from Texas, JOE BRUNDIDGE aka ELEMENT615 speaks in a cadence that does not break down across barriers of race, age or geography. Soulful stanzas echoing something between Coltrane and Cyrano, Element 615 is unapologetically romantic, devoid of pretension, and delightfully sensual. His work promotes thought as a natural bi-product of itself, while unambiguously uniting his audience with his honest, compassionate tak…e on the human experience. Element 615 has graced many a stage in his home state of Texas, performing and hosting at poetry venues from frequent Slam performances in Austin and Killeen, Austin’s EXSE Spoken Word Showcase (’09 & ’10) and African American Book Festivals (’08-’10). His appearances on the Austin open-mic circuit are a beloved treat among local poetry fans and abroad. A member of the 2006 & 2007 Austin Neo Soul National Slam Poetry Teams, this man’s got mad performance chops, a generous soul, an unlimited greyhound bus pass, and a willingness to go ANYWHERE people are rocking good words. Hey! We’re anywhere! Yay!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: RICH PEOPLE FOOD is an indie pop band from Boston, Massachusetts including four members with origins all across the nation. After spending three years in Los Angeles with his previous band, Drew Tambling (vocals) moved to Boston where he met Steve Weston (guitar), a native of New Hampshire at UMASS Boston. Lisa Hickox (synth/keys) and PJ Hohl (drums) moved cross country to attend Berklee College of Music from the Bay Area, California without prior knowledge of each others existence. Equipped with their contrasting musical backgrounds, Rich People Food quickly became a melting pot of genres with influences ranging from pop to metal and everything in between. A typical set list showcases their ability to create catchy, fun pop songs as well as memorable rock anthems, all while engaging the audience with their captivating stage presence. Rich People Food is currently touring venues around the Boston and working on their first EP set to be released in the next month, so be sure to keep your eye out for this band!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER “Mahon vs. McDonough,” – The winner gets a shot at our brand new champion, SAM TEITEL. After this qualifier dust settles, Sam is sure to face a great challenge to his newly acquired sovereignty. DR. JEN MAHON is a Doctor! For real! Recently passing the boards to become a full fledged vet! She’s got the words and performance chop to cure all us sick puppies at Ralphs! COREY McDONOUGH just moved to Somerville and has been hitting our open mic’s hard! In the face! A ball of charismatic, earnest energy and the words to back up all that swagger! This is gonna get good. Chairman YOSH SHARTIN’s got our secret ingredient on lock! Our two competitors will launch out the gates, concocting haiku’s, short poems and incorporated poems, and will face off at the end of the show with 3 judges, scoring on taste, presentation and of course…. use of the secret ingredient! Aprons!!!!

VISUAL ARTIST this week is none other than our Snack Time Queen, EMILEE MORREALE! This culinary artist is gonna rock a different genre, and this yummy art if going to go on your wall, not in your mouth (got that Nick?). We can use a snack time volunteer, just get at Emilee, to coordinate. Write her HERE to take some work off her hands! DUCT TAPE BAND is keeping it steady like they only can! YOSH is thinking that maybe CHICKEN should come back from vacation! We got an open mic! We’re putting an APB out for DAMIAN who now owes us something like three 90’s songs of the week! We’re still waiting for 2020, so we can live in the roaring 20’s. This decade has no defining characteristic. Bummer! We’ll just rock another high caliber show for you this Monday Night! Worcester Arts Council Project Grant Recipient NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS endorses this message!

Take a sec to rock out with this Monday’s Musical Guests and visualize shaking it with them!



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