Monday! Jan 23rd! Write Bloody Press Author MEGAN FALLEY on tour! Musical Guest THE DUBBER from DC! Plus! “Quoth the Raven” on HELIUM! “Nevermore” Challenge!!!

Thanks to those who braved the snow last week! I don’t know what the “weather” forecast for this Monday’s gonna be, but we can comfortably say that this Monday’s bringing a hurricane of absolute AWESOME! If you miss this, you better have a blizzardy excuse!

FEATURE: “Armed with both humor and a brazen darkness, each poem in this book is another swing of the pick axe in this young woman’s tunnel, insistent upon light.” On tour to support her brand new full length book, After the Witch Hunt, our special guest MEGAN FALLEY is one of a mere handful of poets to be published both on Penmanship Books and Write Bloody Press.  After representing SUNY New Paltz for four years on the college poetry slam team, Megan later earned her degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and returned to New Paltz to coach the team.  In 2009 she helped found the second largest collegiate spoken word tournament in the country, The Wade-Lewis Poetry Slam Invitational.  In 2010 she represented New York City on a competing team at the National Poetry Slam and her work began appearing in several literary magazines and anthologies including PANK, Muzzle, Kill Author, The Legendary, Danse Macabre, and The Literary Bohemian.  When she is not writing poems, Megan occupies herself by turning her ex-lovers into pies.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE DUBBER – In the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, confronting the world with his words and guitar. THE Dubber, the self taught singer/songwriter infuses America’s Rock, Jazz and Funk along with some Reggae, Middle Eastern and Afro Beat flavoring to express his blues and complete his distinctive sound. Which he has officially dubbed New World Music. Since 2005, the Washington DC bor…n/Columbia SC based artist has trail blazed through the U.S. with honest and intimate live stage performances. Always a crowd favorite, his sophisticated one man band guitar style and universal message keeps THE Dubber booked year round. Playing such prestige events from South by Southwest Music Conference (Austin TX) to Mid-Atlantic Music Conference (Charlotte NC). With radio airplay here and abroad, and two albums “In the Temple of…” 2005, “Global Warning” 2010 under his belt. THE Dubber is now ready to embark on an European Tour with dates in UK, France and Greece. As THE Dubber says… “It time to go GLOBAL !!!

BONUS RUCKUS: The QUOTH THE RAVEN” (On Helium!) “NEVERMORE!” Challenge! In celebration of Edgar Allen Poe’s Birthday this past week. Dirty Gerund’s paying tribute to all the deep baritone readers who have brought macabre to light, the only way we know how! Flip the switch and give the helium crew a try! We’ll bring helium balloons and a copy of the famous “Raven” poem! We’ll assign you a stanza. We’re going to coordinate this, so the poem gets read to the fullest, with helium soaked wind pipes trading turns, so we have one epic, high pitched, cover version that won’t be so scary as we drift towards the end of the show and eventual slumber. Nick get’s nightmares when he hears scary stories. We’ll let the audience vote on who’s cartoon voice hits the mark best. FO POE!!!

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST & DG Visual Arts Director AARON WHITE is going to book himself, and we’re more than happy to welcome him as he paints a special Asian Print Design this Monday Night! Bring your cash for this AUCTION! DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND should be reunited this Monday (we’ll see how good we’ll all feel about it! at least snack time song will get back to normal!) Thanks to SHANE HALL for filling in so wonderfully this past Monday! YOSH & CHICKEN will be back in charge, bringing you the best in gluten free libations, or gluten if you dig gluten! Snack Time? Please contact Emilee to reserve your place in history! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is cat-sitting for gram this week! He’s excited and approves this message!

We’ll leave you with some video of our featured musical artist!

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