Monday! Jan 16th! Dirty Gerund Welcomes New Hampshire’s AYANNA GALLANT! Musical Guest: Boston Indie Emcee H.W.! Plus the “Whaddawe do with the extra $9” Challenge!

Celebrate! THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW was just awarded another grant from the Worcester Arts Council. Thank your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS for signing all the appropriate forms and getting his hands on a stamp for the envelope! Huzzah! We’re gonna celebrate extra hard this Monday. To help us out, we’ve enlisted the support of New Hampshire Poet, member of the 2011 Lowell Mill City Poetry Slam Team that competed at the National Poetry Slam and recent winner of the first ever JusWords North Invitational Poetry Cash Slam!

FEATURE: AYANNA GALLANT is a music and poetry artistic leader for non-profit groups Arts in Reach, Jazzmouth: The Portsmouth Poetry and Jazz Festival, and With Open Minds. She teaches poetry workshops for youth and adults in schools and most recently, for the Seacoast Writer’s Association and for AIR’s Phenomenal Women Project. Ayanna shares her love for the arts as a music teacher at the Deerfield Community School in Deerfield, NH. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of New Hampshire in Music Education and a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Arts Integration. Ayanna credits her students, colleagues and New England poetry family for teaching her about the things that matter most, creating and learning. Ayanna was published in The 2008 Poets’ Guide to New Hampshire. She is the author of Room Without a View (Sargent Press, 2007), How to Say Hello (Sargent Press, 2008) and most recently, Sreams, Moans and Lullabies (Sargent Press 2012). Gallant has participated in two of The Wire’s (Portsmouth NH) “RPM Challenges” an annual event challenging artists to create a complete CD during the month of February; plays trombone with the Portsmouth Symphony; and has shared the stage with Branford Marsalis, Clark Terry and US Poet Laureate (2004-2006), Billy Collins.

MUSICAL GUEST: H.W. (aka HAZARDOUS WASTE) You may remember this Boston Indie Rap Emcee from his time touring with SHANE HALL on the “Break a Branch off the Crazy Tree and ……) Tour last year! Now he’s back for a full musical set. Paving his own path in the Boston hip hop scene with countless shows under his belt, H.W. (also known as Hazardous Wastes) brings us his newest effort, A Year’s Worth of Worry. This release is a cohesive collection of songs that share his vivid stories of life’s challenges. Once again, H.W. shows the hip hop community how he contributes to the Boston scene with a truly unique style of rap that is serious and insightful yet cynical and sarcastic. His lyrics often portray him as a sensitive person — but the intense honesty he puts behind each track maintains his hard edge. The deeply moving content of H.W.’s material on AYWOW is so powerful and real that the listener will likely develop a personal connection with his music after just a couple songs. All heart and no lies, H.W. is a passionate emcee and an aspiring entrepreneur. He is the owner of the independent label, Delusional Records, which he founded in 2002. He also works closely with DJ Emoh Betta (Deck Demons), one of Boston’s most talented DJs. H.W. has big plans for 2010 – be on the lookout. Check him out at

BONUS RUCKUS: The WHADDAWE DO WITH THE EXTRA $9???!!! WRITING CHALLENGE! The Dirty Gerund Show is super excited to have continued support in 2012 from the good people at the Worcester Arts Council! Their support this past year has allowed us to do more promo and pay some very talented people to do the work that they love to do! Imagine that! The thing is, uhm, this may have been a typo, but our grant allocation does not end with the number zero. It ends with a nine. Uhm. These days, arts communities need every last dollar to help support the work of engaging their communities in the most creative, efficient way possible. And we are most prepared to make good use of our generous award. It’s just that, we, uhm, don’t know what to do with these last nine dollars. I mean, it’s just strange. We’re not accountants. Nick wrote a budget with a zero at the end of the DG request. Now he’s clutching himself, rocking back and forth, fully clothed in a cast iron bath tub, muttering “does not compute” over and over again. So, PLEASE bring us a haiku or short poem, telling us how best to make use of this remaining NINE dollars! Heck you can write a poem at the DG on the spot! The most creative budget fudge-er gets a super special prize!

Gus Van Sant might be running out of gerunds, but we’re picking up the slack in 2012!!! DUCT TAPE BAND is losing a WILSON & LEIGHTON this week as they join GREG McKILLOP on another installment of his Forever Tour! (better not be forever ever, n’a mean?) So expect some band modification! Word has it snacks are taken care of! Visual artist TBA. Dirty Gerund totally supports and celebrates MLK day, so if you got a tribute, by all means bring it down. If you got the day off, by ALL MEANS, call some friends and tell ’em to come art things up with us! YOSH & CHICKEN expect the pats to shut down Tim Tebrow! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is still muttering. I’ll say it for him, “We Miss You Already!”


NOW, for some hot rhymes from our musical guest! BrrrraaaAAAAP!



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