Monday Jan 9th! SCOTT BEAL shows you how it’s done Ann Arbor Style! Musical Guest: JADE SYLVAN! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Gibbs vs. Teitel!”

DG rocked the new year IN last week! and expect much ruckus in 2012. Faces come and go, voices get stronger, some leave town, maybe the Mayans or people who believe apocalyptic interpretations of their calendars are right. Either way, we’re committed (or should be committed) to making 2012 the best ever for art in our not so sleepy burg.

FEATURED POET: On tour from Ann Arbor, Michigan, SCOTT BEAL is a poet, educator, freelance writer, and stay-at-home father of two who grew up in Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Ohio, and earned his MFA from the University of Michigan in 1996. He leads workshops at the Neutral Zone (Ann Arbor’s teen center) and 826michigan. In 2007-8 he was DZANC Writer-in-Residence at Ann Arbor Open School. Scott Beal’s poems have appeared recently in Indiana Review, Dunes Review, The Legendary, and in a split book with Rachel McKibbens and Aracelis Girmay called Jangle the Threads. I’ve known Scott for years, as a fellow mentor at Brave New Voices Festival every year, I’ve seen first hand the incredible work he’s done with Ann Arbor Youth Slam Poets, obviously, I don’t think the apple falls too far from the tree!

MUSICAL GUEST: Boston Poet, Singer Song Writer & Emcee, JADE SYLVAN is noooooooooooooo stranger to our stage. (hell, you’d think she lives in Worcester!) but every time she comes through, she’s wearing a new artistic hat, and a snazzy outfit to go right along with it. She’s featured twice as a poet, and rocked the mic silly with her Madame Psychosis Alter Ego. Now get ready for a set of original songs, some co-written/produced with our every music man GREG McKILLOP! Gritty, true, stripped down emotional songs of righteousness are sure to make us sway with fervor! Don’t miss her. This is her last U.S. appearance before joining fellow poet SEAN CONLON on a EUROPEAN TOUR (right? i wish that was hyperbole). So come down and get your rock on right!!! to get the rest of the story!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP: “GIBBS vs. TEITEL, THE BATTLE FOR A NEW IDOL?” (meh, I’ll keep working on that one). This is going to be EPIC. Like, we’ve been waiting for this match-up for wayyyy too long. The brash, bruising champion ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS plans to defend like this is all he’s got. SAM TEITEL is multiple Manchester New Hampshire Poetry Slam Team Star, Bicycle Comics Press Published Author and has got an understated, humble mic presence that could very well David this poetic Goliath! You know the drill! Chairman YOSH SHARTIN chooses the ingredient. Both competitors have the entire show to concoct 3 pieces (original haiku, original short poem & incorporation of ingredient into a poem they’ve performed before). 3 judges chosen at random to score each piece 1 through 10. A trophy and mad dog glory are on the line!

DUCT TAPE BAND rocked the hecks outta us last week! JEFF CANNON got into the horseradish again! It was bring your parents to the DG Night last week. Keep ’em coming. Talk to Emilee if you’d like to rock us a snack. Talk to Aaron if you want to paint the lights fantastic! Need help finding them, head over to our RUCKUS STAFF PAGE for links to email addresses and whatnot! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS misses you already. I’ve used the word “rock” way too much, so you know I’m excited. Let us get this without hesitation. Great show! Great Night! Guaranteed!

In case you don’t believe us, here’s a clip of our musical feature, singing without pants!

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