Monday Jan 2nd! 2012!!! Ring around the new year w/ NANA! Musical Guest LITTLE WAR TWINS! Plus the “Magnetic Poem” Challenge!

May all the something be forgot (including the lyrics to that song).

2012!!! I don’t want to hear about your doomsday scenarios. Every Monday, we live life like there’ll be no tomorrow anyways! This year will be NO different. Awesome Poets, Awesome Music, Awesome Art and Ruckus! Let’s all go to the lobby and get ourselves a clue!

FEATURED POET: NANA – Exciting new poetic voice rising young-gunning his way onto Worcester’s Poetic Radar. A recent college graduate, this cat’s been capturing attention and applause at the popular 3rd Thursday Poetry Cove Monthly Series run by Elite Promotions right here in Worcester (poetry club show at the Train Station)! From really fun erotic poems, to deep delves into father’s advice stories, growing up and/or becoming, Nana’s words are sharp, sophisticated and seeking. He takes the audience with him. Crazy stage presence and swagger for days. With his trusty phone (he doesn’t read poems without it), he wields electronic stanza truth tectonically, the voice of a leader, a student and a teacher! Don’t miss out on this energetic juggernaut!

MUSICAL GUEST: LITTLE WAR TWINS – Renegade Folk Mystic Tribe from Boston, “have come forth through the storm to awaken the thunder and lightning in you, bearing these words: You are strength. You are electric. You are whole.” Together Little War Twins stands as a tribe, with each member threading together a tapestry of sounds that is as unique as the instrument they sheath. Featuring guitar, drums, bass and string and lapsteal, these musicians have been making the rounds and gaining notoriety & fans in Boston. This Monday, you get to see what this buzz sounds like. For more, check ‘e, out here!

BONUS RUCKUS: “Magnetic Poetry A Go-Go” Challenge! – Ok, don’t know that the A-Go-Go’s about…. yet. (Sounded cool when I typed it). Your Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has some magnetic poetry strips and is willing to flip them in your direction. Each participant will get 20 or so magnetized words and something metal as canvas. Combining luck and skill, the deepest, most stirring phrasing to come from a word random word cluster wins. You will have the whole second half of the show to slap together eternity! Either your own Magnetic Poetry Set of a drink on us for the winner!

PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! have a safe New Years Celebration and PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! save some for us Monday Night! You have a full day to recover from your amateur hi-jinx New Years Eve. Come rock with Duct Tape Band, Snack Time, Open Mic, Damian’s 90’s song of the week and all the rest! Yosh and Chicken resolve to hook you up with the best in burger and drinks. We resolve to not quit until the last drop of fun’s been squeezed out of any seemingly benign Monday Night!


Where’s my New Year’s Kiss….



We shall leave you with some words from our feature at his last feature!


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