Monday Dec 26th! DG ends the year strong! w/ TAWNY POWELL! Musical Guest MEGHAN McNEALY! Plus the “Santa’s Naughty List” Game Show Challenge!

Hi-da-lee-ho Neighbors! Taking a quick break from feeling bad about not having enough money to buy Christmas Presents to tell you all about the awesome good time post-x-mas poetry dance party happening this Monday at the Gerund. We do not stop! This will be, like, our 152nd Monday Night show in a ROWWWWWW!!! The Holiday Calendar never gives us a break, so why should you. You shouldn’t. You should come down and sweat some of those holiday calories way off!

POETRY FEATURE: TAWNY POWELL – Young Worcester Born & Raised Poet makes good! Tawny Powell is an avid hugger. She laughs in the face of uncertainty and leaves poems under-bellied, not belying a city’s footsteps, she brings forth both raw earth and shadows in her poems. Born and raised in Worcester, MA and a graduate of Assumption College, she resides now in Atlanta, embracing the cultures performance heavy ways while staying true her paged roots. Though new to the stage, she embraces it wholeheartedly with the fearlessness of a child and calm of an ocean. That is to say, she might wave at you. Cast stones. Or tidal-wave-drown you. Poetically, that is. She’s got a debut chapbook on deck entitled Long Winters Baby, which could be said to be long overdue but, “I’ve always been a late bloomer.” Her approach to her art is “staying tuned, to myself, always.” And if she can throw a bit of society, global politics, environmentalism, weather, religion, or a something about the steak she ate last night and how beef production contributes to the erosion of the ozone layer and global warming…. She just F’s with it that way. As a growing poet/performer her goal is to connect self to society in ways beyond her own individual experiences, though not ignoring those experiences, deeming them rather “life’s time stamps.” Moving forward into 2012 she aims to speak about broader socio-political, economic, geographic, transcultural issues, while situating the self as an individual poet, recognizing and empathizing with the plights of others, and toward a final attempt to link multitudes with common threads of experience, intellect and emotion. As a passionate performer who’s just now ‘getting her feet wet’ she warns, “look out for some sneak attack political poems in 2012.” Though yet to surface they are not far underneath the soil… And she tils. Til infinity.

MUSICAL GUEST: MEGHAN McNEALY: After spending 4 months in a tent, some people might go home and visit their family for the holidays, right? Or maybe some people would emerge from their wilderness seclusion to sing us pretty tunes on a little Spanish Guitar. Meghan McNealy is a Massachusetts resident, and editor for Corrupt Press, which puts out scores of poets work! She has poetry of her own (and a new book coming out) but she will be singing us quirky and vibrant songs as our musical feature! Here’s some video!

BONUS RUCKUS: “Santa’s Naughty List Gameshow” Challenge – Got royally screwed gift wise this holiday season? We’re not hating, but it may very well have been your fault. In an effort to educate, we’ll have haiku’s, featuring some of the naughtiest acts in the past year, spoken through the famous persona voices of those who did the sinning. Be the first to buzz in, name the foul player, and get a point. First to three gets a chance at redemption with a special gift prize. Sinners win too! 

Holy North Star! What a great show we had last week! Let’s keep the momentum going into 2012! Duct tape band got their hands on some LARRY WILSON back from his hobo travels! YOSH & CKICKEN are making their lists, checking them twi….. well that’s a bit too much work, they checked ’em, that’s what counts. Rumor has it that we’ll have an uber special holiday visual artist! Who’s snacking us? Special surprise guests are slated to share this post holidaze biz with us! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has chestnuts, who’s got the fire?  Seriously, have a safe and happy holiday season, make sure you save some room to come feast with us! We are always workin! You better not cry!



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