Monday! Dec 19th! “Alex can’t wait for his birthday party,” party! w/ MASS LEAP COLLECTIVE. Musical Guest PEET! Plus the “St. Nick’s Bag o’ Tricks!” Improv Challenge!

Back at the bloggy helm! This is Alex Charalambides. Getting older is the new young, didn’t ya know? I’ll be getting closer to doing just that this Monday at the Dirty Gerund! Every year, it seems, my birthday falls 2 days before Christmas (does this happen to anyone else?) and I get lost amidst a swirl of friends traveling, double gifts (nah son!) and last minute holiday shopping with funds I’d just secured from Auntie Hallmark Cards! Let’s anticipate a great time this Monday, let’s not wait to celebrate ME and my humble-ass humility! Let’s also think about the next generation of gerunders and get behind a special fund raising opportunity with our special guests:

MASS L.E.A.P. COLLECTIVE – For the past year, I’ve been attending way too many meetings and working my non-existent fanny off, helping get a state-wide collective initiative going. It’s called Mass LEAP (Literary Education & Performance) it involves dozens of poets, educators and activists who want to increase opportunities for young people to discover spoken word and for teachers to get performance poetry into the class room. A handful of very talented individuals will be performing, showcase showdown style, to help raise funds and that all important awareness for our activities, the biggest one being, the announcement of the very first evah! LOUDER THAN A BOMB / MASSACHUSETTS Youth Poetry Festival, slated to splash down this Spring in Cambridge! For years, I’ve been bringing teams of talented local teens to National Tournaments. It takes a lot of work, time and energy. As I wax a year more mature and (I hope) wiser, I’m working at increasing these festival type opportunities for more of our youth here in the Bay State! We’re making connections all over, partnering up with great organizations like MASS POETRY & looking to follow the amazing lead, modeled after the successful LOUDER THAN A BOMB Festival in Chicago, check out the trailer for their documentary! Some of my newest poetry organizer friends and artists will be helping me celebrate my birthday early, by hitting the Gerund Mic, telling you all more about our plans and selling Mass LEAP samplers. Every dollar we raise will help us get this popping!

MUSICAL GUEST: PEET – local chip-tune heros hitting our stage for the first time to bring their indie-sonic-manic-dance-synth tunes our for us to move our you know what’s properly! This is a birthday bash after all! Friends with such heralded local luminaries as JON VON WONDERFUL, THE GRAND ARKANUM & ACTIVE KNOWLEDGE, these cats are gonna crank the amps all the way up and past FUN!!! (ya, there’s a knob for that). To find out more and groove out to their latest EP release, “Clearly I Have Some Holes,” just wander on over to their Bandcamp Page and listen away:

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Saint Nick’s Bag O’ Tricks” Improv Haiku Challenge! Last minute, “I don’t really know you but feel obligated to bring a gift to your thing” blues got you down? We hear ya. We don’t know if this helps, but we can always have fun trying. Your curator & favorite intrepid word wrangling brain stormin’ poet NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is bringing a bag of tricks with him (editor’s note: “bag” may be a box, “tricks” may be a bunch of crap Nick’s got lying around the house!) become spellbound as he creatively calls them “gift ideas,” whereas most normal people would call them “a bunch of weird crap.” Whoever wants in will get a “gift” at halftime and have time to write a haiku justifying it’s presence as a present. Best re-gift yule-tide platitude nets you your choice of gifts and a drink on us, the gift that keeps on giving, at least until you pass out!

DUCT TAPE BAND is one beard down, but may get one back! YOSH & CHICKEN‘s plans to sell Ralph’s Diner “Gift Certificates on cocktail napkins were thwarted by management. KEV H is your visual artist! Anybody got some Chanukah Cookie Snack-Time, talk to Emilee! DAMIEN has promised a return of “90’s song of the week!.” Alex does not require gifts, only your bright shiny faces listening and applauding all the good stuff going on this holiday season. The weather outside is not that frightful, get your Dunks Gift Card Shopping done Monday Morning, order an extra Turbo Shot and meet us at Ralph’s for a holiday party you won’t be ashamed of in the office Tuesday morning! Ice Cold! (Pictured left – me checking out my suspended animation chamber, set to rock when I turn 40… so future generations can enjoy the ruckus!)

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