Monday Dec 5th! Portland Maine’s WIL GIBSON brings the winter word gut punch! Musical Guest BETWEEN TALL SAINTS & SINNERS Plus! AutoTune Challenge Take #2!

We don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop, quit telling us to stop, (if this were a telegram we’d end with another stop!) Dirty Gerund’s hitting our Winterized Warm Stride, delivering the tastiest shows this side of gong! This Monday’s no different, yet it totally is!

POETRY FEATURE: 2011 Portland Maine Slam Team Member WIL GIBSON was born the bastard son of a good idea and a bottle of bourbon and raised in some of the poorest communities northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas have to offer…He now lives in Portland, Maine, (he likes it a lot there, you probably would too) and writes too many love poems sometimes. He is a proud (mistake prone) father, but he tries real hard. He has shared stages with Regie Gibson, my brightest diamond, Kurtis Blow, Jason Carney, Brother Ali and Patricia Smith.  He is a three time Portland, Maine and one time Manchester, New Hampshire grand slam champion. He loves people and dogs a lot, and would like to pet your dog, give you a hug and talk to you for a few minutes… Wil’s got an amazing raw energy that got rewarded when his Port Veritas Slam Team made semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam. He’s been touring nationally, getting his incredible words and pretense-less persona out there! This is his first time visiting the Gerund, so let’s get crazee! “Wil Gibson is what makes performance poetry fun. Whether running his local venue, cultivating young poets of his community or in one of his many features across the United States, his connection to those involved is unforgettable.” -Jason Carny, National Slam Champion.

MUSICAL GUEST: Sorry for the scheduling snafu. We get our signals crossed in internet land. Apologies to Boston Emcee HW (we will have you back soon!) This week, Dirty Gerund welcomes the trance like, fluid synth, vox indie rocks sounds of BETWEEN TALL SAINTS & SINNERS which features musician / producers BRAD DeMATTEO & AKARI UCHIYAMA. We don’t have a whole lot of info on these cats for the hype machine that is this blog, but never fear, you can head on over to their Bandcamp and check out their four track EP, titled “and when I looked back, they were gone.” just move them little mousey click fingers over to:

BONUS RUCKUS: AUTO-TUNE WORD WARBLER CHALLENGE! Simple! Bring a poem. Perform it. We’ll do the rest. Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has made arrangements to have a production engineer AUTO-TUNE your words, so even you will have trouble recognizing the Frampton-esque stylings emanating from your gullet! Keep a straight face the best, audience votes. Winner gets a drink on us and a life-time worth of pop music stardom memories!

DUCT TAPE BAND likes SCOTCH….TAPE (who knew?). Lot of great new voices on the open mic last week! Keep coming down! VISUAL ARTS & SNACKS TBD (maybe a little less ghost chili powder?, meh! we’re not gonna mess with Emilee’s artistic integrity! YOSH & CHICKEN have their holiday shopping done! Thanks guys, I really needed a tie! NICHOLAS DAVIS can’t find a Santa willing to lap him! Meanwhile, catch him fight for JEFF CANNON’s slam services Thursday Night at the Little a poetry Reading (97 Webster Street) 8pm w/ Mr. Cannon doing a full set of poems to boot! End transmission.

Psych – Here’s your poetry feature doing a…. wait for it…. a poem!

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