Monday! Nov 28th – GIVE EXTRA HOLIDAY THANX for 2012 Miss Dirty Gerund MEGAN THOMA!!! Musical Guest TOM Inhaler WEYMAN! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

This Monday, get over the thanksgiving bloat and family arguments by swinging down to the Dirty Gerund to pay homage to your 2012 MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT WINNER MEGAN THOMA! I’m not going with the prescribed biography on this feature. We did that before when we invited Megan to feature wayyyy back in the fall of 2009 (times were so much simpler then)! Originally hailing from the Mid-West, Megan came onto the Providence Poetry Slam Scene two years ago and started running game LIKE A BOSS! With an absurd off-beat demento writing style, Megan’s been blowing up whales, explaining alternative dinosaur sex and (ahem) getting along with moon rocks, on stages, in the pages of Write Bloody Anthologies (check out their latest Zombie Anthology, Aim for the Head) on Providence Poetry Slam Teams, and as organizer of the Encyclopedia Show Providence! Megan zings them right down the middle with precision guided moments of “What the F did she just say?!” Megan double fisted insane duties at this year’s National Poetry Slam in Boston, serving as volunteer organizer for the festival as well as performing on and coaching their finals stage team! Her star’s on the rise, yet she never forgets her small time friends at the Gerund. If there’s a sash involved, she’s on it like spit drenched microphones! She takes chances with her work, expresses opinions that aren’t always popular, teaches kids and does it all with an indomitable swagger, a fierce, quirkified word woman who’s gonna represent the Dirty Gerund properly! Even if she hails from the 4-0-1. All hail the new Miss Dirty Gerund!

MUSICAL GUEST: TOM “Inhaler” WEYMAN – super great friend of the Dirty Gerund and Worcester scenes. Having worked with the likes of CORRINA BAIN & SAGE FRANCIS, this musician, producer is playing his first solo show in 2 years! He’s the founder of Supply & Demand Music, home to super bands DARK DARK DARK, BROWN BIRD, and many others. While performing most of his magic behind the mixing board, Tom rocks out live on occasion, confessing that his musical performances exist primarily to entertain SHANE HALL, hell, that’s more than good enough for us! Tom’s paying us a special visit, in part to also lay claim to being Mr. Miss Dirty Gerund (awww…. him and Megan are sweethearts… 1,2,3 awwwwww……) This should be a blast, whether you’re a sentimental mofo or not!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER, “Lipman vs ?????” It’s time once again to find out who wants a piece of current champion BOBBY GIBBS crown! Former Denver Poetry Slam Titan and recent Worcester Transplant PAULIE LIPMAN wouldn’t mind spit-shining that trophy outta Bobby’s crying hands. The question is, who else wants a shot? We haven’t confirmed a second competitor yet, so hit us up on facebook, or call your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (if you’re lucky enough to have his digits). 3 rounds, 2 competitors, 3 judges, 3 categories, one diabolical secret ingredient concoction proffered by the man we ALL give thanks for, Chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Quit acting like you ain’t impressed… haters….

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND is thankful for the invention of beer! YOSH & CHICKEN are thankful that hockey season isn’t on lock down, tip them between Bruin Goals! VISUAL ARTIST & SNACK TIME contributor up in the air (let’s ground that soon)! Get at AARON or EMILEE (on the ruckus staff page) if you’re interested! I’m off to a family function, missing my Monday Family! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is smashing windows in anticipation of another HOT NIGHT! Don’t make him smash his hopes & dreams of rocking out with you this Monday!

We’ll leave you with some awesome words, then we’ll really leave you!

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