Monday Nov 21st! National Slam Champion LUCIFURY!! from Denver! Musical Guest LEON LEGACY! Bonus Ruckus “Cannon’s to the Left of Me, to the Right! No Left!”

Not only does Nick miss you, but I do too.

This Monday!

POETRY FEATURE: 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion LUCIFURY is a native of planet Earth, and has spent most of his life there. The rest of his time was spent on the Park Hill continent of planet Denver. He conquered his first empire at the age of 18, but traded it for something more valuable; a rhyme book. After being mistaken for the lord of darkness in his adolescence, he began training as a pupil of the Egyptian god, Osiris. Around this time, he lost his belief in gravity. He only walks so people don’t freak out. Lucifury is the son of a half-Jamaican wizard who stopped Vietcong bullets with lightning bolts. His mother is a yellow rose who appeared as a woman in his father’s dreams. His grand father made his living by skinning live tigers, and was among the first Negroes to teach steel to fly. Lucifury comes from a family of shamans who study the esoteric magic spells written on the wings of butterflies. He speaks fluent river. Lucifury also possesses x-rated vision, and knows what womens’ dreams look like in the nude. Lucifury is the proud owner of a pet universe. He has defeated an entire school of ninjas without armor, using nothing but African souls trapped between his toes. He also has an allergy to bullshit, and credits this disability for his not being capable of wackness. After a crash with the Silver Surfer, he had an operation where his blood was swapped for pure liquid charisma. Since this event, he has fathered 20 immortal children made of various shades of light. Lucifury is currently in a relationship with the color black, and loves her for who she is. He is now working on lyrics powerful enough to cure all known and future diseases. This man is on his first national tour, an accomplished poet, musician, artist and actor, you can check out all sorts of stuff at

MUSICAL GUEST: LEON LEGACY – The artist formerly known as Kid Ikarus from local up and coming, dynamic Worcester Area Hip Hop Grinders THE GRAND ARKANUM, Kid recently became LEON and is working on some solo material to augment his burgeoning bands’ rocket ride to success! Anyone who’s seen TGA of LEON perform live on Wednesdays at the Raven know this cat’s got skills and the raw energy and charisma to get to the top of whatever mountain he’s choosin to climb! We’d book the whole TGA crew, but LEON’s the only one with ID and we take that serious at the Gerund! Come hip to this hop-star! To check out some music online for free, dig…

BONUS RUCKUS: “The battle for JEFF CANNON begins!” Challenge! Resident bad boy and Iron Poet Champion BOBBY GIBBS is setting up The First Ever City Wide Poetry Team Slam “special event” December 16th and has invited all poetry venues in Worcester to compete for venue glory. You know resident tribe elder and mystic JEFF CANNON is gonna be involved. The only question is who will he represent? Our good friend at the Little a Thursday Night Poetry Series is courting him! Of course he’s honored and normally we’d offer Jeff our blessings for any kind of engagement he chooses to engage in, but your Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is feeling mighty small & petty these days…. as always I’m amused and support him. Nick has told COWBOY MATT HOPEWELL that if he wants Cannon on his team, he’s gonna have to come into our venue and take him. We love our Cannon! Nicholas has offered Cowboy some form of poetic competition. Winner takes the first step towards securing Cannon’s illustrious services. We’re not sure exactly what this all means yet, but if it involves Cannon, you know its gonna get epic!

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND took as week off to attend to some birthday biz. They should be back this Monday! Many thanks to DAMIAN McEVOY for lending his bass skills to accompany GREG McKILLOP last Monday! Regular (aka AMAZING) Snack Time will return with Miss EMILEE! Visual Artist TBA. YOSH & CHICKEN will be there to protect AND serve the best burgers and drinks in town! They are our law! Respect their authoritAI or expect to get SERVED! NOBODY took me up on my free drink offer last week! Bad blog readers! Just plain too bad! Greg’s off on tour again. He misses you. We miss you! Where the hecks have you been? People are starting to talk? Is it something Nick did? We can fix it.

We’ll leave you with some intense words from our feature!



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