Monday! 11/14/11 – Boston’s CARLOS WILLIAMS IS READY TO KNOCK YOU LOOPY! Musical Guests: YOUNG & THE COLD!

This Monday, Dirty Gerund said knock you out! (Mama is neglecting her duties…) Indeed! Do not call this a comeback. We’ve literally been doing this for years now! Your feature is none other than CARLOS WILLIAMS who writes and performs poems whenever and wherever he can. This practice has included such settings as:  auditoriums, theaters, basements and kitchens at house parties, art salons, high schools, colleges, bars, and the occasional parking lot cipher. A College Union Poetry Slam Invitational Veteran, he has reached finals stage, had the honor of coaching (2010 Emerson College), and in 2009 was awarded Best Male Poet. The same year he made his way onto the Boston Cantab Slam Team and competed with the sharks at the National Poetry Slam. He’s been a garbage man, a line cook, a maintenance and demolition worker, and once spent 8 hours picking bullet shells out of the mud. In the Fall of 2010 he went on the “Taste of the Atlantic!!! Tour!!” with the highly acclaimed Gringo Choir, gracing the stages of slam venues, colleges, universities, and high schools in places as close as Providence, Rhode Island and as far away as a living room show in Portland, Oregon. Currently, he teaches part time at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Community Center, slings sandwiches and coffees at the Kookoo Cafe, and is the lovable wacky-bar-backy and a co-host for the Cantab Lounge.
“Carlos Williams has emerged as one the newest and brightest flints in the great tradition of bonfire that is New England performance poetry, all flailing arms and spark, a rich thick voice that is both dangerous and delicate in it’s honesty, a flame of consciousness that will only continue to grow with the breadth of his undeniable talent and ability. This is one voice that cannot be stamped out.” Kenneth C. Arkind (Poet)

MUSICAL GUEST:YOUNG & THE COLD: (Line up change shift: We thought we had Laura Dunn from New York booked, guess not, have no fear, DG always finds a way!) The Young and The Cold is the solo project of TOM BOLSTER, originally from Clinton, MA. Tom grew up playing drums in hardcore bands in the Worcester, MA area and was peers with Eva Braun and Last Lights. Now he seeks to express himself through warmer tones and a newfound voice with an acoustic project. This week’s Dirty Gerund is a tour kickoff for him and Speaker For The Dead, so Tom is going to come and feature before heading off to Arizona! Check out his band camp page at!

BONUS RUCKUS: The I can’t think of anything right now, and I don’t think people really read this far down the blog anyway, so let’s test that theory and offer anyone who mentions this blog post a free drink!” Challenge! That’s right! Your faithful blogger is burning out fast and doesn’t think people give a shit about the bonus ruckus anymore! Many a night, we need to beg people to play our demento reindeer games. Well not this week. No begging. No game. No Challenge. No concern on this blogger’s part. Pardon the snark, but I’m interested in the following experiment. I’m pretty sure the only person who reads this blog is your faithful curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. If you’ve gotten this far and have read this paragraph. Come down this Monday, tap me on the shoulder and say “I want my free drink.” Then…. (drumroll)… I will give you one. Do NOT spread the word. If I see a comment on someone’s FB wall, or overhear someone telling someone else that drinks are on us, then this is not happening (and I’ll let folks know who spoiled the deal). This is for loyal Dirty Gerund Blog Readers only. There’s your ruckus! Pow! Maybe Nick will intercede and come up with something brilliant, or at least less snarky. (long languished sigh….)

YOSH & CHICKEN make the best burgers in town while gossiping in hushed tones about my mental state. DG DUCT TAPE BAND is bearded and non-plussed! SNACK TIME & VISUAL ARTIST TBA! In other poetry news, be sure to catch the 2011 NORTHBEAST REGIONAL POETRY SLAM, featuring teams from all over New England and New Jersey happening Saturday & Sunday Nights! Click for more info!

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