Monday! Nov. 7th! LAURA LAMB BROWN-LAVOIE’s got the talent to back up that many names! Musical Guests ADAM WARROCK w/ SHANE HALL! Bonus Ruckus! Great Speeches Challenge!

This Monday, Dirty Gerund welcomes November with a phenomenal new voice coming up from Providence Rhode Island way! 2011 Providence Poetry Grand Slam Champion, LAURA LAMB BROWN-LAVOIE rocked finals stage at this year’s National Poetry Slam Championships with an innovative style that people are still talking about! This organic farming, world traveling Brown University Student started slamming only recently, but is making a name for herself fast! According to her teammate & current Miss Dirty Gerund, Megan Thoma, Laura “is pushing the art form in ways that I deeply envy, and I hope in ways that push others to do the same.  Laura’s poems are on a larger variety of topics, but are rooted in the way that humans interact with the natural world and how elements of modern culture—like advertising, technology, and media—impact that interaction.  She takes large risks with her performance, using props, group voices, and audience participation in inventive ways that with a lesser poet would feel gimmicky, but because of Laura’s exquisite talents as a writer and the thought that she puts into her work, they become an incredibly important vehicle in telling her story.  Her ideas and language are complex, but she uses her performance to create pathways of understanding, and even if you miss details, the message will punch you in all the places it planned to.” Good enough for us, actually that’s way better than anything I could write….

MUSICAL GUEST: ADAM WARROCK Having firmly established himself as the Internet’s foremost comic book rapper, Adam WarRock has gained widespread acclaim from both geek and nerd audiences, as well as hip hop and music fan crowds alike. gained widespread acclaim for both free and professional releases through his website. His debut LP The War For Infinity was a featured hip hop/rap release on the iTunes genre front page, and reached best seller status on Adam WarRock’s Oni Press Mixtape, released in conjunction with comic publisher Oni Press, was heralded as a successful cross-media melding of indie rock and hip hop aesthetic, spinning songs off of Oni Press titles such as Super Pro KO, Stumptown, and The Sixth Gun. His most recent mixtape The Browncoats Mixtape, has become an internet sensation, having been featured on The Escapist, io9, Whedonesque, and personally mentioned by Firefly television star Nathan Fillion. He will be touring the area with local emcee/DG friend & part time nerd SHANE HALL who’ll be showing him the ropa-dopes that come with hanging at Ralph’s! check out more at


BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Great Speeches or Poem?” Quiz Show Guess Challenge! November 8th is election day! There are bums to boot out a plenty, and the Dirty Gerund says there’s nothing sexier than voting! In celebration of the poetry of great leaders, your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will plunge into the depths of our National Oratory History (and my chap book collection) to extract great words from great visionaries. Your job? Is guess whether these words are illuminating from a whistle stop stump speech writer’s mac book, or your mild mannered poet’s mac-book. First to three gets a drink on us. Democracy gets served… a beverage. Seriously, you should vote son!  “The only thing we have to fear is……?”

Duct Tape Band scoffs at your metal power ballad requests. Yosh & Chicken forgot what the ballot questions are this year. Snack Time needs a volunteer. Talk to Emilee. Resident Artist TBA! Nick & I don’t have much more to add! Dirty Gerund for all your pre-election party needs!

Music from out Musical Guest – Fancy That!

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