Monday 10/31/11 DG gets all EPIC GOTHIC this Halloween w/ SUSSURUS DIN & BRET HERHOLZ Book Release! Musical Guest LIFE IN VACUUM! Plus! Costume Something or Other Challenge!

Let’s get Gothic and Creep the Neighbors! After you’re done distributing or acquiring “fun”-size portions of corn syrupy madness, stop by the DG and work that sugar out! Both kinds!

BOOK RELEASE!!! GLOOMY PRESENTIMENTS OF THINGS TO COME is out and available on-line! Welcome Worcester’s own creators for a Halloween Book Release Party that’ll scare the bejeebers out of ya! This collaborative work, features the visual talents of BRET M. HERHOLZ: Artist, scriptwriter and art instructor from the Worcester MA area. Author of six books, a regular contributor to the Undercoverfish Group and a contributing artist for the web series CRACKED: AFTER HOURS providing the inner thoughts for Katie Willert’s character on the show. Bret is represented by Whitt Brantley Management and Talent: A Literary, Film and Television Agency. Poetry for this book, scribed by none other than DG Regular SUSURRUS DIN: The works of Susurrus Din owes much to the Masters of the Macabre, Gothic Horror, World Myth, Folklore. He draws heavily from themes of judgment, vengeance, and the otherworldly. His most recent work, “Gloomy Presentiments of Things to Come,” has been recently unleashed in collaboration with local illustrator extraordinaire Bret Herholz. Think equal parts Charles Addams, Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton. SUSURRUS DIN will be reading selections from the book & BRET will be our visual artist that night! Get your auction & book buying on!!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: LIFE IN VACUUM (as reported by Musical Director Greg McKillop) One part punk band, one part spooky circus music, all rock and roll, and nothing left over. Hailing from the land of Rush and Hockey (that’s Canada eh?). Bands got edgey guitar work and wailing vocals. Solid bass and drumming and good use of electronics rounds out the sound. A spaztik punk rock carnival ride”. (after listening to their stuff on line, I’m getting psyched) Got some of that “At the Drive In” raw crazed energy and math timing! Check out their bandcamp:” We love Canadians! You should too!

BONUS RUCKUS: COSTUME SOMETHING OR OTHER CHALLENGE: Do we even need to encourage you guys to wear costumes? Well we’ll do it anyway! (Sheeeesh)! Go that extra make-uppy mile, write a haiku or short poem that either explains your costume, helps you sell your temporary persona, or just generally blows our minds and WIN a drink on us! Creepy, sexy, clever, over the top, we’ll let the crowd decide who wins, so bring some supporters and then seek help! You may even win some of Nick’s candy! Nick says Meow! (Editors Note: Immediate Disqualification if you dress up like Snooki or anyone from the Jersey Shore, did I mention that we put the “dis” in disqualification?)

Word has it Dr. CHRIS will be handling Snack Time Duties! Rumor has it that our DG Visual Director might bring some paints to paint your face (for a modest fee of course). Word has it, DG Duct Tape Band‘s boning up on their monster mash. Word IS that YOSH & CHICKEN wish they wouldn’t! The truest thing I can say is that this is gonna be a helluva show because word’s out that DG Musical Director GREG McKILLOP is taking a break from incessant touring to pay us a visit and stake some claim on the mic!

In case you forgot! This is what he looks and sounds like 😉

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