Monday Oct 17th! Q from Jus Words crosses town! MUSICAL GUESTS Folklore from New Hampshire! Plus! The return of “Drunk Text of Poem?” Challenge!

WordPress is not allowing me to post pictures right now! This post and the information contained therein are too important to wait for such media! This week, the Gerund continues to offer some of the tastiest cultural morsels for your voracious arts appetites!

Our poetry feature is none other than QAADIR WILLIAMS aka Q! Recent Worcester Transplant, dynamite spoken word artist and host of Worcester’s newest poetry & music variety show, Jus Words North! This incredibly personable, skilled slinger of words and thoughts has lived pretty much all over the United States and has made waves with his words in Houston, Atlantic City and most recently Philadelphia. He’s recently moved to town and has taken our scene by storm with heartfelt, informed monologues that explode off the stage and into your ears! JUS WORDS NORTH is his new variety show, that happens Wednesday’s at the Crescent Cafe on Canterbury Street. Q hosts and keeps things moving with a house band, talk show dialogues and a fresh, raw energy that screams “you all! are welcome here!”. He’s a great story teller, can sling gab with the best of them and is planting his personal flag on our consciences! Support his efforts and his talents this Monday, strap yourself in, because Q likes to go off mic, WAYYYYY of MIC!, delivering his stories to your face, the way god intended!

MUSICAL GUEST: Greg must’ve christened this HIP-HOP-TOBER, because for the third week in a row, the Dirty Gerund’s rocking another musical act sure to get your heads noddin possibly arms poppin!. Manchester New Hampshire’s own indie hip hop duo, FOLKLORE is going to get our stage working. We saw these guys open for BUCK 65 at the Middle East Downstairs Nightclub a few months back and were impressed with their dynamic stage presence and energy. These guys got swag oozing out their face piercings, so come down and check out what makes New Hampshire a little bit iller these days!

BONUS RUCKUS“Is that a POEM or a DRUNK TEXT MESSAGE?” Listening Gameshow Challenge! We know. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Whenever my blackberry goes bing, I’m not sure if NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is sharing a draft of a new poem, or desperately needs designated driver. We admit, this is a challenging prospect. Nick’s going to speak a line, you buzz in and take your best (mis)educated guess. First to three correct answers wins you a super duper prize and bragging rights. You can even drunk text your best friends, as punishment for not showing up to witness your moment of glory!

IRON POET CHAMP BOBBY GIBBS is in Cleveland as we speak, defending Worcester honor at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam Championships! Hope they have decent secret ingredients out there! Dirty Gerund (ir)regular Dr. CHRIS DENMEAD is holding things down and ROCK n SHOCK at DCU Center all weekend. WORCESTER ARTS COUNCIL GRANT DEADLINES have passed, and your curator has applied once again on our behalf! DUCT TAPE BAND is down with the sickness! Snack-Time is booked and smiling in a fridge right now! Visual Artist to be determined! That’s all the snoop bloggy blog news that’s fit to print! Come down and raise a pint and some ruckus with us Monday!!!

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