Monday! Oct 10th!!! best in the biz ANDREA GIBSON storms the Gerund! Musical Guest / Accoustic Hip Hop SPIDER CIDER from Boston! Plus HAIKU SCAVENGER HUNT!!!


Special Format including full set from none other than ANDREA GIBSON, who is literally one of the best and most beloved performance poets of ALL TIME! Andrea Gibson is not gentle with her truths. A powerful live performer Gibson is the winner of the 2008 Women’s World Poetry Slam, and has placed 3rd in world on two International Poetry Slam stages. Andrea’s first book, published by Write Bloody Publishing, POLE DANCING TO GOSPEL HYMNS won the DIY Poetry Book of the Year and was nominated for the prestigious PUSHCART PRIZE. Gibson has been showcased on FREE SPEECH TV, THE BBC, AIR AMERICA, CSPAN, NPR, and was featured in the documentary SLAM PLANET. She has released four full length albums and tours over 180 dates/year. Gibson’s work illuminates that the personal is political with themes that deconstruct gender norms, sexuality, class, patriarchy, and white supremest capitalist culture.

“Gibson is among the nation’s most admired and emulated poets. Her verse is at once personal and political, feminist and universal, filled with incinerating verbs and metaphor, and delivered with gut punching urgency.”Metaphor Media

MUSICAL GUEST – SPIDER CIDER – a new Boston-based trio comprised of Kirsten Lamb (upright bass, vocals), Jacob Dinklage (rap, spoken word, guitar), and Ariel Bernstein (drums, percussion). Their original material draws inspiration from many musical genres, particularly jazz, folk, blues, and hip hop. (NOTE: In the interest of getting all our featured performers seen, we will be taking a short break after the poetry feature performance, our musical guest will be kicking off the second half of the show!) Any new band from Boston playing our town for the first time who digs the art work of Saul Bass, is okay & welcome in our book!

BONUS RUCKUS – “SCAVENGE THIS!!!” Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is always looking for things he’s misplaced and this Monday, he’s taken his friends advice and is asking for assistance! He’s writing haiku’s describing all the things he needs help locating. They will most likely be objects found at Ralph’s Diner or on your very person. He will describe these objects using haiku (or unfortunate metaphor), your job is to use your ESP or Voudou or quick wits to understand what he wants, then quickly burst into action!!! First to find three of these objects wins a prize!!! ARGHHHH!!!! X marks the DG-spot!


DG Music Director GREG McKILLOP is going on tour for much of the fall (booooooooooo for us!!!!! yay for the rest of the country!!!) to check out his new awesome album, quit your job and follow him on tour! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape House Band will keep the tunes thumpin! Artistic Director AARON WHITE is getting great reviews for his New Mythology Exhibit at Dark World Gallery which you can still visit! newly crowned Miss Dirty Gerund MEGAN THOMA & other poets will be reading their zombie poems this Saturday (2pm) at That’s Entertainment for a new Write Bloody Zombie Anthology! Wow!!! Everybody’s doing amazing stuff except me! Oh well, I’ll just take solace in snacks and awesome poetry and art happening all over the place. Maybe, I’ll write a poem about it. Waaaaah!!!!

SERIOUSLY! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW MONDAY!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! We will leave you with some more motivation!

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