Monday! 9/26/11 – Two Years in the faking! Come celebrate me & Nick’s DG Anniversary! w/ NPS Finalist FRANNY CHOI, Musical Guest FRANKY HURRICANE. PLUS MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT!!!

(Special message from the large guys in charge!) This week, me and Nicholas Earl Davis are celebrating. 2 years of mind-altering ruckus! 2 years of goin’ for broke! 2 years of new friends! 2 years of pageantry, gallantry, double fistin’ monday night anarchy! 2 years of welcoming, listening, pre show “where’s the audience” pacing, post show “they came outta no where!” basking! 2 years of jams, snacks, contestants, creativity, blog posting, poem posing, flash bulb photography-ing… recaps, rehash, re-starts, refried beanery-ing… Two years ago, me and Nick took over a reading that coulda failed… HARD! Two years, 104 shows later, and we’re still like, totally here! We’ve stuck to our fun guns and have built a scene that we’re both proud of. What does the future hold? Meh! we don’t like asking ourselves hypothetical questions! Like slobbering dogs with heads and hearts checking for breezes out the car window, we’re into the NOW! We’re into the next Monday! So let’s go get it and go with it!


Special guest feature! FRANNY CHOI!  In 2011, she was a finalist at two of the three most prestigious poetry slams in the country: the National Poetry Slam (Team Providence, RI) and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She was awarded Best Female Poet and Most Innovative at the 2011 Wade-Lewis Poetry Slam Invitational, and her team was recognized for Pushing the Art Forward at the 2011 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. She was also the top-ranking female poet at the 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam and the champion of 2010 Seoul Poetry Slam (ya! Seoul, South Korea!). In 2009, she collaborated with fellow poets Jamila Woods and Fatimah Asghar to create pretty/ugly, a feature-length spoken word poetry show produced at the historical Rites and Reason Theater in Providence. In February 2011, her play, Mask Dances, was produced at Rites and Reason as part of the Writing Is Live Festival of new plays. Mask Dances was the first undergraduate production in the history of the festival. Franny’s literary work has appeared in Fringe Magazine, Pegasus, Issues and the College Hill Independent.  A graduate of Brown University’s Literary Arts program, she completed a cross-disciplinary honors thesis project, entitled “Per Mutation.”She has taught poetry workshops in several Providence area schools and the Brown Theater Department. She has also served as an editor for VISIONS Asian American Literary Magazine and as a facilitator of WORD! Performance Poetry Group, which uses the medium to explore issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Franny is currently working as a community organizer and Program Director at the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), a non-profit that challenges and supports Southeast Asian youth to become leaders, organizers, and critical thinkers.

MUSICAL GUEST: FRANK HURRICAYNE – Hauntingly holy, indie psychedelic blues man, originally hailing from Marietta Georgia, now based outta Jamaica Plain Boston, and new addition to the WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD. This gentleman has albums, HOLY SKY & HEAVENLY WHEEL out on his Bandcamp page and you can listen to these well picked, ethereal, spiritual tunes for FREE!!! This is his first time playing at Ralph’s, so we’re super psyched and honored to be welcoming to Worcester! He’s got a helluva beard, so we think he’s gonna fit in just fine!

BONUS RUCKUS: 3rd ANNUAL MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT – Let’s get the pandering going! Ladies! Three rounds throughout the evening to crown a new MISS DIRTY GERUND! Bring a Reverse Pander Haiku (telling us how valid THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW is as a show, a way of life, a reason to get out of the house!), a piece of work for the Talent Competition (poem, song, tap dance routine, painting, yes! we’re all about any kind of art, get creative!) and of course, the always intriguing Interview portion, where our Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS asks questions, checking in on how quick you are on your steel toes tip toes! We’ll take up to 4 contestants. Winner will receive a crown, flowers, and all sorts of accolades! We’re not looking for dainty, tea party ladies, we want an intelligent, sharp witted, literate gangsta woman representing all the wonderfulness that is our attempts at building creative community in this town! Be fierce, because you are! Past winners include JACKIE MORRIL & HALLIDAY NELSON who both currently live outta Worcester, let’s hope this trend does NOT continue! (unless you really want it to, in which case we support your grown up, mature decisions, blah blah blah!)

Duct Tape Band Activate! We were super pleased to welcome back TAYLOR BENOIT on bass guitar last week! YOSH & CHICKEN are asking exactly how long we think the ruckus can last! Snacks? Let’s get a special one going! Art auction like whoah! (you’ll have to top Sarajane Manuel’s $90 in special decorated cakes extravaganza!) Miss Dirty Gerund Contestants, please RSVP, we’ll take the first 4!!! We’re going to try to kick this off a bit early (maybe 9:15), there’s a lot of show, so if you can’t get to the open mic list early, we may have trouble accommodating you! TWO YEARS!!!????!!!! what exactly is the matter with us! We’d love to thank you for your support, but we still can’t really believe that people support this affrontery!

We’ll leave you (finally) with Dirty Gerund Youtubed Recap from our first anniversary!

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