Monday Sept 19th! HANNAH GALVIN from New Hampshire! Musical Guest DAVE MAGARIO! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER “Swenson vs. Sam C!!!”

This Monday Dirty Gerund welcomes a rising star in the New England Poetry Scene! A native of Washington, D.C., HANNAH GALVIN completed her medical training in Boston before moving to Manchester, NH, where she works as a pediatrician when she is not writing. She can be found reading her work regularly at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge and Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, where she first discovered the slam scene in the Fall of 2009, and quickly made a name for herself with her unique style marked by raw emotion and strong imagery. Her first chapbook, “Beneath My Comic Book Panels,” was released this past Spring. She has an astounding talent for being able to order anything (anything) over the Internet, and was told there would be punch and pie at this event. You hear that? All you sick kids are gonna get treated this Monday…. to some fine words that is! (Photo by Marshall Goff).

MUSICAL GUEST: DAVE MAGARIO – One of our favorite friends is coming out of the cave this Monday to celebrate his birthday, singing songs and making us all swoon! Dave’s working on a new full length album (thanks to ahem… all us KickStarter Patrons, ahem… where’s my album! wink). So we’re hoping to get a set with some of them new soulful, sweetly strummed songs! His last EP Snake Oil put Dave on the map as one of our favorites, he just played the Open Road Music Fest and is taking his road show to our show for a show! You won’t want to take a smoke break for this one! If you are one of the unfortunate one’s who does not know, you can do some research and find out all about him at Photo by (Ted Theodore)

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIERSwenson vs. Sam C” – Life’s about to get real son! Two of our most ardent open mic stalwarts are gearing up to do battle this Monday! All to see who will get the chance to take away current champion BOBBY GIBBS’s crown! LIZ SWENSON has co featured at the DG, released a book, and cooked up some amazing eats at Dr. Gonzo’s Grilling Challenges this year and is looking to grill her some poet on hot blazing word coals! SAM “C” LINSTRUDE‘s a newcomer to Worcester, is professionaly writing up a storm, blogging and Worcester Finals Slamming! His hair’s wild and so are his participles! He’s looking to make a name for himself on this epic kitchen field of battle! As always (well almost always, there was those couple times) your benevolent bar man and heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN‘s in charge of fixing the secret ingredient. What’ll it be? Batteries? Mop n Glo? Tic Tac’s? We don’t know, but you’ll find out who’s got the words to make it out alive!

DUCT TAPE BAND!!!, now with approximately the same amount of beard! VISUAL ARTIST outside the bleepin’ box! SARAJANE MANUEL‘s a cake decorator who’s blending her art on the tastiest canvas of all!!! SNACKTIME VOLUNTEER? You may see the return of TAYLOR BENOIT on bass (he’s out for good behavior) just in time to get bad with our bad selves! DON’T FORGET! DIRTY GERUND‘s playing stART on the STREET this Sunday!!!. DG goes on from 3:30 to 4pm as part of the first ever POETRY TENT STAGE, manned up by yours truly. There’ll be spoken word and poetry stuff going on ALL DAY between 11am and 5pm, come find us on Park Ave, near Elm St!!! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has a new album releasing on VEMPLORE RECORDS THAT DAY! His CD, “I’ve Swallowed Worse” will be available at the tent and at the Vemplore Table that day!!! You won’t find this at Walmart! I assure you! Here’s video of a crazy guy trying to yell poems on Park Ave in beautiful Worcester!

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