MONDAY Sept 5th, Dirty Gerund WORKS w/ Boston’s STEVE SUBRIZI working OVERTIME w/ The CRAZY EXES FROM HELL!!! Plus LABOR DAYS HAIKU Gameshow!!!

What’s up Gerund Land? Last gasp of summer got you down? Did you forget to have that epic bar b q party with those epic meal time internet sensation knucklehads? Did you fail at learning how to surf again? Did you neglect your summer reading list? Well have no fear! Come to the Dirty Gerund where we’ll read your summer reading list to you, delivering crisp, tasty words directly to your ears, cliff note style! THIS MONDAY IS LABOR DAY & we got a hard working artist, who’s double fisting features! Boston’s own STEVE SUBRIZI makes his Dirty Gerund Debut, as the poetry feature and as one half of the musical guest. STEVE SUBRIZI is a former co-host of the World Famous Cantab Lounge Poetry Slam Reading Series in Cambridge! He’s performed his work everywhere, from lecture halls to dive bars all across the country alone, with tour partner Sam Teitel, and as a member of the performance poetry troupe, The Gringo Choir (along with Max Kessler, Carrie Rudzinski and Carlos Williams). Making a splash in the publishing world as well, his work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in such places as NAP Lit Mag, The Scrambler, Muzzle, PANK, Monday Night & NOO Journal. His latest e-chap-book, Newly Wild Hedgehog, is available for free reading or download from NAP CHAPS ( Check out his website at

MUSICAL GUEST: The CRAZY EXES FROM HELL – Dig Steve’s Poems? you ain’t seen anything yet, joined by co-front person, songwrtier, KIRSTEN OPSTAD, this band’s gonna take you to those awkward moments post-break-up, journey through to understanding, illumination, or bitterness. A few good things became disasters in the summer of 2010. But when Kirsten Opstad and Steve Subrizi got booked for the same show at Midway Café in Jamaica Plain, they decided they might as well write a song together to play between their sets, and from there on they just kept meeting.Together they work hard to put a winsome face on their grief. You could say they sound like Violent Femmes performing Rodgers & Hammerstein. You could say they sound like The Moldy Peaches pulled a Fleetwood Mac. They usually just say curse words at each other, meaning them. To hear some great songs and learn more, visit

BONUS RUCKUS: LABOR DAYS HAIKU GAMESHOW CHALLENGE: yeah, you got the day off? good for you! this is OUR JOB!!! (the pay’s crap, but we love the hours!) to celebrate all kinds of work, we’re cooking up another haiku game show. We write and read haiku’s detailing thankless toil, you buzz in and tell us what job we’re alluding to. First to three gets a prize! Don’t make us work too hard to find contestants! This could work. I’m going to stop now!

GUEST ARTIST – YOUR ARTS DIRECTOR AARON WHITE’s taking another whirl, and may bring some already finished pieces along to showcase in case you want to buy straight up, no chaser. His demento cartoon masterpieces have commanded high auction bids in the past, so bring them cash moneys! APPARENTLY SNACK TIME has been volunteered! Whut! THIS IS BOX CAR LARRY WILSON’s LAST GERUND SHOW. I don’t get it, what’s SAN DIEGO GOT THAT WE DON’T? (oh…. yeah…. send for us!). DUCT TAPE’S GONNA KEEP RAKING IN THE GROOVES! Chicken and Yosh could care less about who YOUR boss is! Follow a few simple rules at Ralph’s and see how safe and fun things can be for all! rumor has it your curator’s got a few out of town shows, wow, artists finding work! Come on down this Monday & work it with us!

We’ll leave you with some CRAZY EXES… the kind that makes you happy!

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