Monday August 29th! RUDY RUDACIOUS from PROVIDENCE! Musical Guest: MIKE ANDREOLI! Plus “SCHOOL US” Haiku Game Show Challenge!

This Monday, Dirty Gerund’s excited to feature up and coming dynamic voice, RUDY RUDACIOUS, born and raised in Providence RI.  He got his real start in the arts in the summer of ’06 doing theatre with Mixed Magic in Pawtucket RI. Although Rudy was interested in acting his director/mentor Ricardo Pitts-Wiley always told him “you have to seek the poetry in language so you can handle it beautifully on stage.” And even when working on classic literature like Shakespeare, Langston Hughes or Herman Melville Ricardo always encouraged Rudy to find ways of connecting his love for Hip Hop music and culture to whatever he was doing “You got to just flow Rudy, think like Jay-Z” Ricardo would say. Now Rudy references to himself as a “Hip Hop Poet” or a “Spoken Word MC,” he allows all his influences of Hip Hop, Slam, Theatre, Comedy, Drama and Philosophy to come through his filter and create work that allows an audience to get to know him better. As an actor Rudy has played in various Shakespeare productions and has done contemporize work with The Black Rep, Carriage House and the Community College of Rhode Island (where he majors in theatre). He even performed in a contemporary version on the book “Moby Dick” at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC with Mixed Magic and had a cameo in the music video “Beautiful Gesture.” As a poet Rudy has established many new relationships doing features from all over RI to New York with a drive to expand further. Rudy became very popular at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge Mass when he became “King” after only slamming twice in his entire life; he also won the 375 slam put together by Poetry in Public Places. Rudy loves the world of slam but feels his writing is meant more for community work. A part of “Raise Your Voice” Rudy promoted non-violence to various High Schools in Rhode Island. He has performed in the training schools and summer school programs and has occasionally taught workshops. Rudy is very passionate about the message he gives younger kids because he was once very lost and could have gone down a very negative path. Now that he has found himself through writing he wants to help others find and believe in their own beauty because he believes the lack of self worth is what creates poverty and crime. Rudy is also a part of a theatre/poetry troop based out of Boston called ARTiculation where they produce and perform various shows, and is releasing his debut CD titled “The P.O.E.T Mixtape” which stands for “Product Of Everyone’s Talent” with appearances from different rappers, poets and singers. Check out his stuff at

MUSICAL GUEST: young voices are the way this Monday! Local song man, MIKE ANDREOLI is a solo acoustic guitarist who dabbles in plenty of beautiful, odd tuning styles. This leads him to a unique blend of songs that reminds one of Bright Eyes, Anthony Green, and Explosions in The Sky. He has been working the open mic circuit in Worcester (in particular wednesday nights at The Raven) and is excited to rock out on his first feature spot! He is so off the presses that he doesnt have anything online, so you will have to experience his art first hand this Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS: “School your School” Haiku Game Show Challenge! “A new school year’s upon us and I’m really gonna roll up my sleeves, focus and….. holy crap! Beer Pong Tournament!!!” The Dirty Gerund’s a year round school of hard knocks, but we’ll peddle some haiku’s highlighting our favorite highlights and low brows of our school days, you know, to placate our wicked bro’ed out college culture! All oxymoron’s aside, hark back to them carefree days, or pontificate on those days that never were! First to guess what activities our haikus are about gets a point. First to three, get’s a prize! I love college, I love drinking, yet I think Asher Roth needs to stay after class! Go figure!

Visual Artist TBA! Snack time? You all are officially in rice cake territory! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape band activate! Yosh and Chicken are batting down the hatches for Hurricane what’s her name! Nick and I are wondering what our jobs are exactly! We’re getting close to our two year anniversary and could use your help getting word out about the show! Seasonal shifts make folks drift, so we’re hoping to right the ship and keep you art-sters arting! Help us help you! 🙂

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